Abigail Cole

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There are many many ways to find your way to the bottom. Drugs, sex, alcohol, drugs, drugs... More drugs.

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RP Hooks
Drugs: A bipolar mix of Cocaine and Hydro, Abby indulges in both sometimes to great excess.

Sex: She's been over-sexualized her entire life. Are you really going to be any different.

Trash: Some say there isn't any trash other than trailer trash, but rumor has it Abigail was a Carnie before being picked up by her present Domitor.

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Abigail Cole

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Full Name: Abigail Cole

Nicknames: Abby, Cole

Age: 23

Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Ethnicity: Mixed

Origin: Seattle, Washington

Occupation: Bartender, Dancer, Contortionist, Slave

Religion: None

Notable Traits: Thin, short, pale, Busty

Enneagram: Two " The Helper

Height: 5'

Weight: 94 lbs

Hobbies: Dancing

Eye Color: Blue

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Mara's Song: [1]

Played by:

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Mara: You're the only drug I'll ever need.

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Abigail Cole/Appearance

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