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OOC Note: Freyfaxi. The Asatru equivalent of Lammas/Lugnasagh. A day to thank the gods of fertility for a bountiful harvest.
OOC Note: Freyfaxi. The Asatru equivalent of Lammas/Lugnasagh. A day to thank the gods of fertility for a bountiful harvest.

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2020.08.01 - Harvest Rite and Feast - Freyfaxi
Harvest Rite and Feast day for Freyfaxi
IC Date Aug, 1, 2020
IC Time Evening
Players Caressa, Beckett Jacobs, Johnathan, Saraid, Royce, Hayden
Location Isolated Forest clearing (Rp room)
Spheres Pagans

OOC Note: Freyfaxi. The Asatru equivalent of Lammas/Lugnasagh. A day to thank the gods of fertility for a bountiful harvest.

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NUM  ST        Genre     Title                       Date                 Sgnps
1323 Caressa   Pagans    Freyfaxi AKA Lammas         Sat Aug 01 17:00 CDT  2

RP Room 3

A large clearing has been carved out of the forest, though it seems to have happened long ago. A few of six-foot long tables have been set up. At the end of the table a large cauldron of vegetable barley soup simmers away over a fire. One table is clearly reserved for the meat. The other has large covered dishes of green beans and smashed taters and rolls, along with plates and utensils. The next table holds all the deserts adn the last table is full of various beverages ranging from mead to soda to water.

A large section of other tables have been set up and covered in white butcher paper for ease of cleaning later. Away from the eating area a large fire has been built and several people tend to spit roasting the first meat harvested for the fall.

Opposite from the fire pit on the other side of the eating area is a small altar set at the base of a rather large, phallic shaped maypole.

Pamphlets have been set on the tables to inform about the history of Freyfaxi and to explain that in ancient times the phallus was a revered symbol of the fertility god. It further explains a little more on the history of Freyfaxi/Lammas/Lugnasagh.

Royce is busy helping get the feast set up and ready to go. He watches Caressa with a smile. "Is that a Maypole?" he asks, nodding to the pole by the altar. "I thought those were for Beltaine celebrations."

Caressa mms, "Only in the states. From what i understand, in the old country they have one at every fertility festival. Besides, Frey's feast and he is known for being a massive dick." She giggles and stops back at the altar. then rips the sleeves off the dress. "Screw this." She takes them over and tosses them down with the cincher she'd taken off.

Saraid is the latest to arrive, apologetically, as she looks around at those gathered. She is dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a comfortable t-shirt, still not comfortable herself with being completely nude among others but her family and steps in to help where she can, a slight blush touching her cheeks as she looks around.

Royce perks as Saraid arrives. "Hey, honey! You made it!" he booms. He lumbers over to wrap her up in his arms, bending down for a loving kiss. "We got a hell of a spread goin' on here. And I got us some mead to drink too!" He leans back with a smile. "You look gorgeous."

Saraid wraps her arms around Royce as he wraps her up in his arms, and returns his kiss, before she is admiring him too. "You are as Handsome as ever My Love!" He clearly perks her up and makes her feel more comfortable. Her eyes watching him adoringly. "Thank you My Love! I can't remember if I have ever had mead so this will be a treat!"

Johnathan smiles as he watches Caressa "I could have modified it for you" though he was grinning not seeming to mind at all.

Caressa takes a plate over to the meat station now that Chef Reuben has carved some of the meat off the spit-roasting pig. She adds a bit of the whole feast to the plate then carries it back over to the altar. She looks back to Johnathan, raising a brow at him. "I suppose I need to find a new style of ritual garb anyway. Just have no idea what that is right now. Though nude is sounding better and better." She shakes her head.

Saraid waits for Royce to grab them a couple of meads, while she watches the festivities and moves over to join her sister, offering her a warm hug of support too. "You could wear anything you wish Sis, and you would look perfect for any event. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Johnathan smiles "Sky clad are supposedly the right thing to be according to traditions" grinning to her and shaking his head lightly "We can go over something to wear for rituals if you want, it should hold meaning to you not anyone else"

Caressa considers while pulling items out of her bag. "Well, I guess if it is just us, it could be a little more elaborate." She looks around to the others, "What do ya'll want to do. I don't want to bore anyone." She looks to Saraid, "Pour some mead into this chalice.." She hands it to her, ".. and add it to the altar for the sacrifice is." The sacrifice being a plate of feast food. Caressa also nods to Johnathan, "You're right in that. But you know I'm not good with clothing. We can work on it together. It is always easier with you."

Saraid is happy to pour the mead and join Royce while she does, giving Caressa and Johnathan a moment alone to talk while she, does whatever is requested of her. Helping as much as she can. Saraid stops to answer the question though giving a moment for it to sink in, "I want to learn more about the festival Sis, I want to be part of it. I do not think you would bore me, unless I learn nothing about the traditions."

Johnathan smiles to Caressa "Well we can definitely do it together, work out what and how you want it... make sure it fits and works for what you need it for" grinning to her "Hopefully I will not have to much of a bad influence on you"

Caressa shimies out of the wool dress. "You just made me comfortable enough to let out what was already there." Now nude she moves towards over to the altar and lifts her arms, "Everyone! Please gather 'round!"

Once the mead is set on the alter, she gathers around with her family and smiles warmly at them. Following their lead this evening. She waits for Royce too, to join them, and is deeply curious about every aspect of the celebration, offering a warm smile to her Sister.

Johnathan would easily gather around watching her with a smile. Not quite sure what to do in situation like this, but he just went with the flow as he usually does.

Hayden has arrived.

Seems the party has started in a sense. The food is laid out waiting to be eaten. Everyone is off across the way standing in a circle in front of a small altar. The altar is set against a rather enormous phallic-shaped maypole. Upon the altar is a silver chalice of meat and a full plate of feast foods. Everyone is dressed, except Caressa. Though her dress may be noticed draped over a chair at the eating area.

Caressa smiles, "Really, I'm just going to keep this simple. And we can discuss over food." Because lets be real, food is always the biggest draw. "Today is known by many names through the various versions of paganism. Most common are the names Lammas or Lughnasagh, to those who follow a celtic path. In the Asatru this day is called Freyfaxi. The day to celebrate the first harvest and what till be harvested through the season." She turns to face the altar, lifting her arms up towards the 'maypole'. "Thank you Frey, the sun god, for this great harvest. Thank you Thor for the rains and Sif, his wife, from whom all things sprout. Come! Receive this sacrifice of our first meal and stay with us till Frey sleeps once more."

Saraid lifts her arms up to mirror Caressa's and smiles brightly, to give her own thanks, heartfelt and true, though the traditions are not hers, they are becoming her own too. "Thank you Frey, Thank you Thor, and most beautiful Sif, for those gifts you have bestowed upon us. You are most generous." It is all she knows to offer and lowers her head down respectfully, this is still new to her, but there are great gifts the universe and the gods offer, and she is living proof of that, and she will show her utmost respect and humility to honor them as much as she can.

Hayden is quiet in the background making his silent offerings to whomever he is thanking. He takes out a flask and pours a small amount of liquid on the ground

Johnathan smiles nodding slowly as he watches though he does not verbally express any thanks to the gods. Looking about to see if there was any actions that would be considered appropriate, not exactly something he has been apart of before.

Caressa slowly lowers her arms after a few moments. Then turns to the others, "Let us eat!" She motions towards the tables laden with food. "If any has questions about the day, or the norse, or anything else, we can happily discuss it." Caressa did keep it simply to her promise and billing.

Hayden hangs back a little and waits.

Saraid lowers her hands and nods to Caressa, noding her head. "I would really love to learn but it may be best for another occasion, and to keep it simple tonight Sis." She gives her a warm hug, and then lets her go, so they can move to the tables to partake of the feast.

Caressa shakes her head to Saraid. "I meant for a simple rite. Questions are good now..today."

Johnathan chuckles "Well I am hungry, and I know most of the mythos" smiling broadly to Caressa and Saraid. Looking over to Hayden "Hello there" offering a nod and a warm smile.

Hayden waves to Caressa and smiles. "Hello ma'am, how are you today?" He has a Cajun accent and a warm smile for everyone.

Caressa grins. "You all get your plates. I'm going to retrieve my robe before I eat." She states and moves towards her car. A pause as she passes Hayden. "That goes for you. Eat your fill, take some home if you like also."

Saraid goes about getting a plate for her and for Royce, since he had gotten the mead for them earlier and you can only juggle so much. She smiles at Hayden too though, though she is not familar with him as much as Johnathan and Caressa.

Hayden looks a little lost and out of sorts. He does follow orders well as he gets food for himself.

Royce observes the rite, lacing his fingers with Saraid's as Caressa offers praise and thanksgiving to the gods. He looks down at her, warmth and affection dancing in his gaze. He, too, is grateful, to whatever Power saw fit to bring them together. He'll let the universe read the intent in his heart, though, so as not to interrupt the rite. This is Caressa's show, he's just along for the ride (and the free dinner). He goes to draw a couple mugs of mead while Saraid loads up plates. "Here, trade you," he says, offering out a mug to her and taking a plate in return.

Johnathan would get himself some food as well and some mead with it all. "Certainly smell divine" grinning broadly.

Caressa pulls a silk robe out of her car, pulls it on, ties it shut and makes her way back to fill her plate. Compliments are given to Chef Reuben for the spit-roasted pig in particular. She fills her plate, gets her cup of mead and joys the others at the table. "I am glad to share this day with friends and family. Too bad Niko couldn't make it. I'll have to leave him a plate at the estate."

Saraid exchanges plate and mead with Royce, and waits until the others have found a space to sit, before offering a kiss atop Royce's head too, so she can set her plate and mead down before sitting herself.

Hayden smiles and picks at his food eating it bit by bit. "It was lovely."

Caressa smiles over to Hayden, "Let me introduce my family. This is Royce and his fiance Saraid." She motions to each of them. "And I believe you've met my husband, Johnathan before." She looks back to the others, "This is Hayden, he sometimes frequents the basement." Royce takes the plate from Saraid and goes to sit himself down with the others, smiling warmly at her. "Thanks, love." He looks over to Hayden as he's introduced, offering a nod. "Hey, how's it goin'?"

Hayden smiles and says "Hello y'all. " and relaxes quiet a bit now. "It's a pleasure to meet you. "

Johnathan nods to Hayden "Hello, nice to meet you again" sipping his mead after raising it with a smile. "Have to admit not all to used to events like these but they are a lot of fun specially around friends and family"

Saraid offers a squeeze to Royce, and then smiles at Hayden, "A pleasure to meet you as well Hayden." She lets the others speak though, as she settles in, she will speak up when the time presents itself.

Caressa nods to Johnathan. "I've really not use to holding them. It has been -years-. I will not be so nervous about it next time." She looks to Hayden, "Oh, by the way. I'm doing well, thanks for asking." She looks about, "A full rite is much more drawn out and complex. But I know it can be shocking to those not use to it. Anyone have any questions?"

Hayden is listening as he eats his food in a precise fashion.

Since it is her first time at one of these ceremonies, "Are there particular offerings to give during a ceremony such as this Sis? Is there anything special, things you should not do? Ways you might accidentally offend the Gods to be careful of?"

Johnathan looks to Caressa curious to hear the answers with a smile on his lips

Caressa mms, "That depends greatly on your path and how strict or not it is and your personal beliefs. The way I was raised, the only offense is having a rite without mead." She considers looking over to the altar. "In this case, we give back part of the harvest that we've been given in sacrifice. But it really depends on the feast day, or the reason you are holding the ritual. And what feels right. If you wish to appeal to a specific god it is wise to offer things they like...or to use colors and rune associated with them.. if you are asking for their help."

Beckett has arrived.

Whatever ritual was to be held seems to be done as everyone is settled down to each. There's even been casks of mead brought in.

Saraid is sitting comfortably by Royce, and leans her head on his shoulder. "I can borrow your Library sis, so I can learn more about the rituals too?" She has her legs crossed beneath the table and takes a sip of the mead, "Why mead? What is it's significance?"

Caressa smiles. "The norse, the vikings, drank beer and mead. Seeing as I can't stand the taste of beer...we get mead. They had wine too, but that had to be imported from france, so wasn't had often.

Beckett arrives later than he would have liked but nevertheless he tries to meld in with the crowd. He pauses by the fires, standing with his hands in his pockets.

Johnathan smiles "Just had to pop by and borrow a bottle or three" shaking his head sipping his mead

Caressa chuckles and nods, "Every summer or something like that. But only afford to the most wealthy, of course."

Hayden smiles a little.

Saraid looks like she might have had one of those long nights again or days, or both, because she has set her mead down, and is curling up closer to Royce. She is clearly exhausted and this at least everyone else a chance to talk.

Beckett attempts to make his way to the banquet tables. He scans the offerings, curious if anything from By the Plot had made it here.

Caressa leans over and kisses Johnathan, "Can you put grapes in Zephyr's bowl for me? I'll be along after we get everything cleaned up and donated at the shelters.

Johnathan nods "Sure thing love" smiling to her "See you later"

The bread made it! Everything else was cooked by Chef Reuben.

Caressa rises from the table as half her family has to get home. She moves over to the buffett and starts helping pack things up. Making stacks for each shelter of the food that was untouched. Containers that were taken from are set aside for guests to pack up what they wish to take home for themselves. But she's still conversing and such.

Royce has been sitting and munching with Saraid, smiling lovingly at her. As she goes to take off, he stands to gather up his empty plate and mug, and goes to help Caressa pack things up.

FTB: Everyone was offered to pack up to-plates to take home from the containers of food that were opened. All untouched food was taken back into town and donated to the soup kitchens.