Unraisable Stats

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This is a (non-exhaustive) list of stats that can't be raised (or bought from an implicit starting value of zero) with XP, or have unusual restrictions for doing so. If you think of something that should be added to this list, please contact staff to confirm.


  • Cosmology, Do, Klaive Dueling: Require a teacher or other access to restricted knowledge.
  • Flight, Gremayre, Kenning, Malkavian Time, Primal Urge: Requires being physically or supernaturally able to use them.
  • Lore: See House_Rules/Miscellaneous#Increasing_lores for details.


  • Avatar/Genius (mage): Requires 5-dot Shattered Avatar merit (which can itself be bought with XP).
  • Generation (vampire): Significantly more expensive, see House_Rules/Vampire#Generation for details.
  • Pure Breed (shifters/kinfolk): Can't be bought with XP.
  • Rites (shifters/Kuei-jin): The generic 'Rites' background can't be bought with XP, instead you buy individual rites with XP (or shifters can roll to learn them from another PC).
  • Backgrounds granting magic items (e.g. Fetish, Wonder, Treasures): Generally can't be bought with XP, see Creating Magical Items for rules to create one or have another PC do so.


  • Additional Discipline (vampire): Can't be bought with XP.