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Information Contacts

Fullname: Tripp Vella Simmons (Has never under any circumstances wrote his first, middle, or last name with both duplicate letters, so it's always written as Trip Vela Simons)
Age: 22
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 209
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Seelie Legacy: Wayfarer
Unseelie Legacy: Cerenaic


Dexterity 4
Wits: 4
Acrobatics: 4
Fame: 1 (Stunt Actor)
Contacts: 1 (An actor needs an agent)


Slipped Seeming, 3 dots (He wears hats for a reason)

  • Conn - One of the first Changelings Trip found in Prospect. Gave him good pointers on where the hell he should be going.

  • Hawk - Was there when Trip introduced himself at an unformal Court. Nice guy. Trip sees him as a good friend to keep.

  • Ketzia - These two might have met while one was quite literally a cat, but when you suddenly start seeing everything in fantastical ways and are knee deep in a panic attack, sometimes a tiny bit of normal can help calm things down.

  • Maggy - Technically the first other Pooka that Trip met... He knows nothing about her besides the fact he can't understand a word. He at least tries to lead people to the right answer but Maggy does not seem to want to do the same usually.

Hooks Quotes
  • Stunt Actor - Trip works as a Stunt Actor, mostly minor roles so far, yet to land a big break role. Mainly known for his acrobatics and cast for roles that can make use of it.

  • Pooka - A man of many words, many confusing words. Has been known to flip questions back at people more often than answer. He's a Pooka. He went through his Chrysalis while filming a stunt out of town. An error with the wire system. Something snapped, and then launched him OVER the cushion platform he was meant to safely slam into. The utter panic of believing he was about to die was enough to finally make his Chrysalis pop. But of course, the footage was destroyed by the Changelings who came to help him and anyone there wouldn't remember anyways, besides the fact he vanished from the set for a while. Eventually he was filled in on the basics and sent back to Prospect to get Mentor'd up.

  • OOC Info - The player of this character works night shift security, and most often is online during his shift (no, not neglecting my job). 0000-0500 on Friday, 0000-0700 Saturday and Sunday, and 0000-0500 again on Monday and Tuesday. May or may not log in on my days off Wednesday or Thursday. Feel free to @mail/page me if I'm online, because chances are unless it's only an hour or two away from when I'm gonna need to leave anyways, I'll be more than happy to RP, or schedule RP in the future. I'll even wake up early or stay up after coming home for work to catch scheduled scenes, and have in the past.


RP Logs

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