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"We don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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Equal parts Howard Stark, Walt Disney, and Jonas Venture Sr...Thaddeus Achewood is a rough-and-tumble scientist who lives fast, leaps before he looks, and is willing to throw his hat over the wall when necessary. This adventurous, cavalier attitude is applied to most things in his life. He's energetic, optimistic, and generally pretty affable. If there's a mystery out there, he wants to go find it. And perhaps punch it.

Virtually everything about him suggests an affinity for victorian-era America. His clothes. His facial hair. His slang. He speaks in a trans-atlantic accent. He commands an optimistic patriotism that was popular at that time. While he appears to be young and in his 30s, he carries himself as a fully established man.

OOC note about Anachronism: All cards on the table, Thaddeus is not of this time. I'll leave the "how is that possible?!" to be uncovered with RP. Obviously, he keeps this a secret to the sleepers, but he doesn't see a point in keeping this detail from other mages. I only mention it here, for all to see, so that you can get a more effective vibe of the character when the player is unable to convey it properly.

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RP Hooks
  • Anachronism
There's something unworldly about this guy. He tends to dress like he just stepped off the film set for a period drama. His slang is all over the place and he speaks in the trans-atlantic accent, which went out of use decades ago. Virtually everything about this guy gives off a turn-of-the-century vibe.
  • Old Money
One of America's "great" families, the Achewoods of Connecticut are akin to the Rockafellers, Astors, or Du Ponts. Like many multigenerational "old money" families, the Achewoods made their fortunes by diversifying into many different industries, including textiles, manufacturing, and even luxury timepieces. Your grandfather might have had an Achewood pocket watch or wrist watch and handed it down to you. Word on the street is that Thaddeus doesn't associate with his east coast family much, if at all.
  • University
Professor Achewood teaches a number of upper-level physics classes at the university. Perhaps you're a student of advanced physics? Or maybe you forgot to register on time and it was the only class left? In any case, he seems to be younger than most professors, which makes him a popular choice with the students, even if he is a little strange to them.
  • Society of Ether
He's an Adventurer, or at least fancies himself as one. There are merits for being in the lab and publishing papers, but Thaddeus likes his Science to be a little bit more "hands on". If there's a mystery out there, Thaddeus wants to go out and find it (or punch it!).

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Doctor Thaddeus Achewood

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Full Name: Dr. Thaddeus E. Achewood III
Date of Birth: September 2, 1885
Apparent Age: 30s
Sphere: Mage
Tradition: Society of Ether
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Nature: Thrill-Seeker

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Played By: Dominic Cooper