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Stats and Vitals

Name - Tessa Vidales
Occupation - Uber Driver and Sometimes Smuggler
Apparent Age - Early 20s
Nature - Rogue
Demeanor - Sensualist
Faction - Camarilla
Clan - Brujah
Race - Ghoul

Tess Vidales



Mostly Public Knowledge: Tess is a newcomer to town, hailing from Los Angeles. She’s an Uber driver, at least some of the time. She’s often seen in punk or alternative clubs and bars.

Known by Some: She’s a ghoul, and new to that particular night life. It probably shows.

Known to Very Few: T.B.D.


"Bravado" -- Lorde
It's a switch flipped
It's a pill tipped back, it's a moon eclipsed, whoa
And I can tell you that when the lights come on I'll be ready for this
It's in your bloodstream
A collision of atoms that happens before your eyes
It's a marathon run or a mountain you scale without thinking of size

"Satellite Skin" -- Modest Mouse
If you break these moth-wing feelings
Powdering dust on your fingers
Well now we're not prayin', we're kneelin'
Hard enough just to say you believe them
Well how the heck did you think you could beat them
At the same time that your trying to be them
Hard enough just to say you don't need it
When they took it up while you were still eating
Well satellite, satellite skin

"Artifical Nocturne" -- Metric
I'm just as fucked up as they say
I can't fake the daytime
Found an entrance to escape into the dark
Got false lights for the sun
It's an artificial nocturne
It's an outsider's escape from a broken heart


Need a lift? - She’s an Uber driver, at least on paper.

Coffee or Something Stronger? - She runs on caffeine by day and whiskey at night.

Ghoul Gang? - She could use some friends to help her through this new life -- ones she can hang out with in the sunshine.


  • Finn - Jury’s still out.