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  • Japan: Takeshi grew up just outside of a rural Japanese town, though he spent some time in Tokyo as well. He is new to America, and some modern ways somewhat confuse him.
  • Akiyama: His family have served the Emerald Courts for generations, and whether Garou or Kin, they are expected to serve. The family is as pure bred as they come. Pure Breed 5
  • Samurai: Like most of his kind, he is a Samurai. He follows the Way of the Samurai, and Bushido is incredibly important to him. This also means he is more then just a warrior, as Samurai were expected to be many things.
  • Shen: He grew up around the various Fera, and he has great knowledge of them, and respect for them. He served as a diplomat between the races back in Japan, as well as as a warrior.
  • Hakken: The Hakken are the eastern version of the Shadow Lords, and in truth the two have very little in common.