Suzume Hayashi

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"Do you know any ghost stories?"

A recent transplant from Japan, Hayashi Suzume is doing her best to do her duty.

Her P'o (naturally) does not approve.

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  • Karasu-sama - "This flower chooses to set root in the graveyard, but her perfume will grace your Court."
  • Mogui-san - "I am not sure what to make of you, but perhaps there is a reason our paths have crossed."
  • Paige Sands-sama - "As blunt and purposeful as a hammer."
  • Amelie Renoir-dono - "The circumstances were inauspicious, but perhaps more auspicious times will come."

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Suzume Hayashi
Hayashi Suzume

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Full Name: Hayashi Suzume

Age: 29

Apparent Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2"

Build: Frail/Slender

Hair: Black (long)

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Pale

Occupation: Freelance artist, writer, fortune-teller, and Uber/Lyft driver

Sphere: Kuei-jin / Shen

Demeanor: Visionary

Notable Flaws: Haunted, Flashbacks

Notable Merits: Medium

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RP Hooks
  • Occasional Uber/Lyft driver
  • Often found in the cemetery in Chinatown
  • A regular visitor to any place with free wifi
  • Artist and writer of no fame
  • Fortune-teller (amateur)
  • Recent transplant from Japan

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