Splat Populations

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This is a list of splats (clans, tribes, etc.) that are significantly more or less common among PCs. We recommend that you play what you feel will best keep your interest, but if you're genuinely neutral on that front, then we recommend the 'less common' side for variety.

(Last updated 5/31/2020. +census gives real-time data, but also lumps together vampire clans across all factions.)

Race/Faction More common Less common
Vampire/Camarilla Brujah, Tremere Assamite, Gangrel, Malkavian, Ventrue
Garou/Gaian Get of Fenris, Silver Fang Black Furies, Bone Gnawers, Red Talons, Stargazers
Garou/Fera Bastet, Corax Ajaba, Nuwisha, Rokea
Mage/Traditions Cult of Ecstasy, Dreamspeakers, Order of Hermes Akashic Brotherhood, Virtual Adepts
Mage/Technocracy Void Engineers, Syndicate Progenitors, Iteration X, NWO
Changeling Arcadian Sidhe, Autumn Sidhe, Pooka Boggan, Eshu, Nocker, Redcap, Sluagh