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"Ya either in tha club or outta tha club, and bein' out means bein' food like tha rest of tha world."

A hoodlum of Japanese-American heritage from the slums of Las Vegas, Soma is a recent addition to the City of Prospect. Known to most as a petty street thug and troublemaker, his reckless and cocksure attitude hides a dark secret known only to a few.

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Vampire "We're the true masters of the night."
Werewolf "They talk big game but they're fighting a losing battle."
Demon "Buncha cheats, don't trust 'em for a second."
Changeling "Fairy tale creatures? Are ya tryna tell me a bedtime story or somethin'?"
Mortal "They can make fun pets, but are often more of a nuisance than anything."
Mortal+ "All the nuisance of your run-of-the-mill mortal with a few tricks up their sleeves. Joy."
Mage "The fact that humans could attain such power is...annoying."
Wraith "Kinda sucks to be them, huh? All unlife and none of the fun."

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RP Hooks

“Us Brujah gotta stick together..”

• Being what feels like the only Brujah at the moment in Prospect makes Soma extremely eager to network and adventure with his clanmates.

“This party kinda sucks, yo.”

• Soma is a fixture in nightclubs and dive bars across the city. If you're a pretty lady, chances are he'll notice you before you notice him. Unless he happens to be getting into a scuffle with the security or staff, of course.

“Gimme yer cash n' scram.”

• Whenever Soma is short on funds (or is simply bored or angry, all three of which happen fairly often) he has the habit of donning his hood and picking fights on the street. Are you a helpless victim, or is he biting off more than he can chew?

“Whadda ya starin' at?”

• Soma can be seen at the late night gyms around Prospect, training his body for his next encounter on the mean streets. His favorite activity is practicing on the speedbag.

“Ya lookin' fer a real fight? I's know a place.”

• Some of Soma's hobbies include competing in street fights and underground fighting circuits, where extensive background checks and medical exams aren't required. His Capoeira is something to behold in the ring.

“Ya hear that? Mah shit was beautiful.”

• Singing karaoke at late night Chinatown establishments is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for Soma. His pretty looks and dulcet voice are the bane of any women in the building once he's on stage - or so he believes, anyway.

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Full Name: Bando Akuji
Age: Late Teens
Nature: Survivor
Demeanor: Rebel
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Notable Traits

Appearance :


Dexterity :


Stamina :


Powerful Gaze : Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png

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