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A recent -- and abrupt -- transfer to UC Prospect, Skylar Johnson is a sophomore, having done her freshman year at a small liberal arts college in Ohio called Thomas College. She is yet undeclared, though she has filed a 'preference form' indicating she wants to study art history.

All things considered, Skylar is a very unusual college student. She's got very obvious plastic surgery, with fake breasts and puffed-up lips that seem incongruous on her teenage frame. She dresses somewhat continuously in latex or fetish-wear, almost always in teetering, skyscraper heels, a look deeply out of step with UCP's more relaxed, college-casual vibe.

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Recently-arrived in Prospect, Skylar is still making contacts in the city. For now, she associates mostly with her roommate, Alyssa Campbell, and her roommate's family.

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Skylar Johnson
Skylar Portrait.jpg

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Full Name: Skylar Johnson
Favorite Time of Day: Night
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Height: 5' 2"
Hair: Black and Red Stripes
Eyes: Dark
Look: Bimbo Goth

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RP Hooks
  • University - Skylar is a recently-transferred sophomore at UCP, living in Carmen Vail Hall. Run into her in the hallways! Have some college RP!
  • Night Owl - Active mostly at night, Skylar tends to stay up all night, going to some evening classes before she parties.
  • Reckless Partier - Skylar is a thrill-seeker. If there's a party, especially one that's a little dangerous or a little out of control, she'll be there.
  • Easy - Skylar is, to put it plainly, sexually irresponsible. She gets herself into dangerous situations and gets herself out by rarely giving 'no' as an answer.

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S-Alyssa.jpg Alyssa Campbell

Skylar's college roommate and often companion in her misadventures.

S-Darius.jpg Darius Campbell

Alyssa's father, a Prospect native and police sergeant. Skylar tends to use Darius' house to do laundry, and she will sometimes beg for a ride.

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Played By: Dani Divine