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"What then shall we say to these things?
If God is for us, who can be against us?"
~ Romans 8:31
Shawn Crawford

Baptist (SBC)
Apparent Age:
Early 40s
Oxnard, CA
Height / Build:
6'0" / Fit
Judge Username:
Noticeable Merits:
People Person
Good Judge Of Character
Noticeable Flaws:
Old Injury
Roleplay Hooks
  • Religion - Shawn is a devout and conservative Christian, and has been a Southern Baptist Convention pastor since shortly after he graduated college.
  • Pillar Of The Community - While it hasn't won him any fame and very little recognition, he fully believes in doing good works. He routinely organizes charitable activities among his congregation, and is highly active in community outreach efforts.
  • Poverty - Serving God doesn't pay the bills, and Prospect has a high cost of living. He doesn't like seeing his family on the brink of poverty, but his work comes first.
  • Seeking A Private Eye - Shawn is actively looking for a competent private investigator - for mundane work, nothing related to his other career.
  • Hunter - He is one, and a zealous one at that, believing the work to be God's will. (I have zero interest in removing any other PCs from play, and hew closely to '+news policy slap fight'.)
Character Snapshot

          A one-time top draft prospect at UCLA, Shawn's baseball career was cut short before it even began with a horrific knee injury in his sophomore year. He found God during his long recovery, and ultimately dropped out of UCLA to attend the Gateway Seminary in Ontario, California instead. He has been a Baptist pastor ever since, devoted to his work on behalf of the Lord.
          He met and married his wife, Gabriella, fifteen years ago, and they have had three daughters in the intervening years. He and his family ultimately wound up in Prospect.
          It was here in Prospect that God finally revealed the Truth to him, and showed Shawn his true purpose, turning him into a zealous, unrelenting Hunter.

  • Gabriella : His beautiful wife, the mother of his children.
  • Calvary Baptist Church of Prospect : His flock. Good people and good Christians, all.

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