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"We’re all falling and we need a place to hide."
(Hollow Coves)


"Our dancing and stories, finished.
Almost all of us gone.
Their silence stays with me ...
but so do their songs.
I will remember."

Full Name: Roisin Buachalan (Irish, pronounced RO-SHEEN)
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Hair and eye color: Blue eyes, black hair
Height and build: 5'2", medium build
Occupation: Itinerant needlewoman
Demeanor: Child
Nature: Celebrant
Sphere: Vampire
Clan: Ravnos
Sect: Independent
Astrological Sign: Cancerian
Played By: Katie McGrath
Music: "After the Storm" (Squazoid); "into the Woods" (Hollow Cove) Spotify playlist.

Plot Hooks

Gentle, Resilient, Laughing, Wary

Needlewoman, Singer, Dancer, Friend

Roisin is sweet and sociable and loves dancing and singing, especially when it’s informal and everybody can join in! She knows all kinds of dances and songs, especially from the old country.

Roisin has Clan Friendship (4) with Toreador. She has, during her decades of unlife, formed several close friendships with Toreador, some of them influential. Her artistic skill with the needle, alongside her talents in dancing and singing and her friendly, kind nature, were gateways to much pleasantry. She hopes to make other such friendships in Prospect, too.

Roisin’s mortal life was preoccupied with supporting people involuntarily displaced: refugees, exiles, and the homeless. It's not popular among Kindred to admit it, but she still wants to help in practical ways and with kindness and comfort – emotional solace. She’s always ready to talk about the plight of ‘Displaced Persons’ and the aftermath of the Second World War.

Roisin is not the most academic of people, but in various ways, she seeks to follow elements of an anachronistic, medieval group: the medieval Ravnos Phaedymites, a Jati which followed the chivalric Path of Kings. Roisin consciously tries to echo aspects of their nobility of spirit -- a humble but hopeful medieval anachronism in the modern nights.

Roisin’s skill with the needle means she can do Haute Couture-calibre lacework and other needlecraft. Would you like some? Or maybe to discuss design?

Roisin Buachalan

(Pronounced Ro-sheen)

This small woman is a splash of colour and sparkling energy: black hair, pale skin and dark blue eyes that shine with a mixture of joy and wariness. Long dark hair falls past slender shoulders, and her dark blue eyes give an overriding impression of eagerness for beauty and fun, yet constrained by a long-earned cautiousness. Standing a mere 5'2", she moves with vivid, quick gestures, bird-like. Her voice is Irish, lilting and soft, and somehow deeper-pitched than one might expect. Her smile is very sweet.

She wears a bright shawl in in jewel colours -- scarlet, blue, and green silk, stitched in intricate patterns and layered with couture embroidery. Underneath is a simple tight-fitting black top and black jeans, and her hair's caught back on the right with a silver hairclip of sparkling red stones -- cheap costume jewellery, but pretty. Similar bracelets adorn both wrists, and she’s wearing practical leather boots with a low heel, ready for walking. The informality of the rest of her attire is at odds with the astonishingly ornate needlework of the shawl -- a dream of colour and vibrancy.




Her Couture Needlework