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Rabies pride.png
Rabies human 3.jpg

Full Name:Rabies
Rank:Yakan (1)
Occupation:Murder Hobo
Eye Colour:Light Brown
Hair Colour:Black, dreaded
Demeanor:Creep Show

Rabies fox.jpg


A homeless drifter living out of a tent and a hiking bag, with a scavenger spirit and sometimes a few other crust punk rail riders. He doesn't need much more than that and is pretty happy with his setup, able to leave at nearly a moment's notice.

Dead Things

Rabies collects bones, for use in magical workings and as decoration of himself and his tent/homeless camp. He also eats dead things, and can often be found, in fox form or two legs, munching on some road kill or carrion that he keeps in a thermos in his bag.

Magic Obsession

Numina, Gifts, Rites, Paper Magic, Awakened Magic, he wants to know about it all, even if he lacks the ability to practice every form. He usually consciously rebels against the stereotypes of his kind, but a love of Jyu-ho definitely holds true for him. His style tends more toward the gritty and urban, instead of folding fans and silk.

Gift Swap

He's looking for Gifts and will trade yours for some of his, as well as rites when he learns more, though he doesn't have a huge collection, with only one tail to his name. He'll also offer his fortune-telling or blessings, which can sometimes greatly turn the tide back in someone's favor.


This Kitsune will tell your fortune or in exchange for beer, weed, dead stuff, or lore. Or he'll teach how to throw and read bones, and how to collect a set. His own is a hodgepodge of actual bones, teeth, bottle caps and trash, shells, preserved animal paws, stones, and jewellery pendants, each with a meaning.

Urban Exploration

Another foxy stereotype that he actually fits, like most of the roko-breed, Rabies likes to explore and find things that are novel, and the urban decay of the cities is just as interesting to him as the Umbra.

Rabies human.jpg