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xxxxxOldest of 12 children born to a Sicilian immigrant family, Petey's had it hard from the start. It was bad enough growing up with his pops barely able to scrape by enough money to put food on the table for all of them, let alone getting crap for being Italian, let alone getting crap from the Italians for being Sicilian. Then came the war. Uncles, cousins, friends, all lost. Images of horror and destruction.

xxxxxSo Petey took all the fear and anger and put it to good use. He'd always been taller, stronger, and had more guts than the other kids his age. Growing up being spit on day in and day out left him with a weird sort of "nobody-can-touch-me" attitude. And when he grew into those gangly limbs and big old teeth, and filled out? He turned out all-right looking. People started looking up to him.

xxxxxAnd he started breaking faces on his fists.

Agapito "Petey" della Manca
Sphere: Mortal+
Affiliation: Giovanni Chronicles PRP
Age: 22
Birthday: November 21
Languages: English, Italian, Sicilian
Demeanor: Cavalier
Nature: ?
Profession: Amateur boxer
  • Prizefighter:  Petey's trying to make it as a boxer. He has some renown in the Northeast, he's won a few matches, and put some money in his family's pockets. But he's got a big family, and bigger ambitions.
  • La Cosa Nostra  His ambitions and his family have put him into contact with members of the criminal underworld. So far he's just on the fringes. So far.
  • Vicious Streak:  A trail of broken orbital bones, shattered noses, and dislocated jaws rests in his wake. The kid doesn't know his own strength. Or does he?
  • Golden Boy:  Everyone back home is rooting for him. Can't let them down.
  • Odd Jobs:  In his spare time, sometimes he picks them up for money. Don't ask questions, don't get answers you don't want to hear.
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