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This is an explanation of why the things in '+liststats not-allowed' are there. The list below is not necessarily complete, and '+liststats not-allowed' is not by any means an exhaustive list of disallowed things.

Available in some other form

Stat Explanation
Aptitude (Computer, Mechanical) Use the Ability Aptitude merit instead.
Baby Face Use the Blush of Health merit instead.
Construct Use the Home Base background instead.
Corporation CEO, Nightclub Use the Resources background instead.
Faerie Blood Use the Kinain merit instead.
Hearth Wisdom Overly broad. Use the Lore of (specific supernatural type) knowledge(s) and/or other relevant abilities instead.
Mansion Use the Resources background instead.
Poisons Use the Toxicology knowledge instead.
Rank This would be for United States senators and the like. Shifters, use Shifter Rank instead. Pentex employees, use Pentex Rank.
RD Data Overly broad. Use the Lore of (specific supernatural type) knowledge(s) instead.
Religion Use the Theology knowledge instead.
Ties (Church, Corporate, Judicial, Media, Police, Political, Underworld) Use the Influence background instead.
Totem (merit) Use the Totem background instead.

Not allowed at all

Stat Explanation
Blase Overpowered.
Camarilla authority (Bullyboy, Domain, Elysium Regular, Harpy, Holder of Office, Primogen, Primogen Friendship, Sheriff's Friend) Need to negotiate these things with PC leaders.
Charmed Existence, Lucky, Self-confident Revised is already more generous about dice rolls.
Endurance of Heimdall Overpowered.
Geomancy (includes Ward Magic) Old book, no guidance as to who should have access.
Lore Weaver Not a large enough faction to need its own Lore.
Military Force Overpowered. Can be handwaved in PRPs if all participants agree.
Naming Overpowered, at least the higher levels.
Path of Warding Dark Ages, overpowered at level 3 (Runes of Power).
True Gypsy Depends on the Gypsy book (super racist, will not be added).
Vitreous Path Restricted to Nagaraja (nearly extinct, only a few dozen left in the world, thus not available as PCs).