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+xp/nom <recipient>/<type(s)>=<explanation>

The below is copied out of the books, with 'sessions' replaced with scenes, a few terms replaced by players, PCs, etc, and more mush friendly terminology. Check your own splatbook, they are all worded a little differently. (The werewolf book, for example, gives a much stronger requirement of heroism)

Please provide specifics! This doesn't have to be an essay - one or two sentences or representative poses are okay - but just "they were interesting" is not enough explanation.

For plot scenes where one PC acted as storyteller, use the "Storyteller" type. They will receive an award equal to the largest award given to any participant (minimum 1).

  • If you nominate someone for this category, then nominate them for just this category; any others will be ignored.

Returning nominations (if they submit one for you, then you submit one for them) is encouraged but not required. If it doesn't happen, then the submitter may still be awarded XP at staff discretion.

Per scene

("Automatic" is covered by +vote, thus omitted here)

One Point - Learning:

Ask the player what the character learned in the course of the scene. If you agree with it, the player gets one XP point.

One Point - Heroism:

On rare occasions PCs can truly behave as heroes, risking all to let friends or even strangers escape from certain death. If a character acts heroically and manages to survive, he should be rewarded. Some players might try to take advantage of the idea. Don't let them. Stupidity and suicidal behavior should not be mistaken for heroism.

One Point - Acting:

This award goes to the player who demonstrated exceptional roleplaying. If the player acted appropriately and his character entertained, award a point. Usually this award only goes to the player who roleplayed the best during that scene, but feel free to reward multiple sterling performances at once.

One Point - Concept:

Award this point if the player did a very good job acting out her character's concept. Doing so could have been bad or good for the player, but you are the final arbiter as to whether the player earns the point.

Per story (longer period of time)

One Point - Success:

If the characters achieved all or at least some of their goals, they should get a point for advancing their agendas and carrying out their tasks successfully.

One point - Danger:

If the story was particularly harrowing and the characters were forced to stay on their toes constantly, they may learn quicker just by surviving.

One Point - Wisdom:

If a player came up with a brilliant plan that saved the day mid-story, adapted to circumstances, adjusted for a new or clever use of the character's capabilities, or just plain rocked, give a bonus point to that character for sudden insight.

Drawn from

  • VtM pages 142-143
  • WtA pages 180-181
  • MtA page 131
  • CtD pages 275-276
  • WtO pages 227-228
  • DtF page 165

Group guidelines

When submitting XP nominations for a group of people, please follow these guidelines to make things easier for staff:

  • Let everyone know you're doing it. (This cuts down on duplicates.)
  • Arrange with someone else in the group to nominate you.
  • Submit the STORYTELLER nomination last. (Its value depends on the others.)
  • Submit all nominations on the same day.
  • List all participants. (This helps indicate which nominations should be processed as a group.)
  • Anyone in the group (either the storyteller or a participant) can also do the whole thing on a single job. Submit the first one normally, including the storyteller, list of participants, summary, and link to a log. Then '+myjob/add <number>=<comment>' for each additional person, listing which categories they earned.