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“As she walked, all the demons stopped."

Concept - Tzmisce Siren of the Sea

At a Glance

  • She laughed.
  • And danced.
  • With the thought of death in her heart.

Notable Stats

Attributes Abilities Merits Backgrounds
Appearance 5 Singing 3 Fascinating Gaze
Storytelling 1 Enchanting Voice
Swimming 3 Commanding Voice


Asa My sister, you are home to me.
Athena Sister, you have more secrets than me, I think. But I will help you, when I can.
Sedna A fierce Ductus, for whom I will gladly fight.

RP Hooks

  • Eastern European/Romanian Heritage - Though she was born in the USA, she was raised with traditional Romanian customs and mores.
  • Sabbat - My home, my life.
  • The Sea - Avid swimmer. Has webbed feet.
  • Private - A traditional tight-lipped Tzimisce, but if you persist she will eventually open up.
  • She Survived, But - The horror remains.
  • Camarilla - They always win; we can do better.