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Erich Menkner will maybe be known to a select few book/manuscript "freaks" as being a member of the Menkner family which founded the "Menkner-Ashpool Foundation" that has several libraries and literary research centers in the US and Europe with a focus on literary sciences/history and linguistics. For persons who can "find out things.." there will be rumors that he owns a huge collection of very old and obscure tomes and manuscripts himself and the same rumor has it that he can read and write more than a dozen languages.

Using standard databases, one will find a few scientifically acclaimed and published translations and re-translations of old texts:

- "The Shamash Hymn" - Sumerian - English - German

- "Writings about and from Ptah-Hotep" - Egyptian - English

- "Plato: The Laws" - Greek - English

These are basic texts, the other publications (about 30) are truely obscure and only of interest for professional linguists.

He is known to have a pet owl that acts very strangely and he is basically never seen without it. For those in the know, it is a spotted owlet (Athene brama). Some Occultists consider the species a bad omen.

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None that are publicly known yet..

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None that are publicly known...

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Full Name: Erich Andreas Menkner

Age: 70s

Occupation: Librarian and Linguist

Race: Mage

Height: ~ 6'

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RP Hooks
Books: Talking about books of all kinds is a sure hook. The rarer, the older the better...add obscurity or a "strange" subject, you have a winner.

Supernatural Creatures: He is very interested in supernatural creatures (apart from Vampires) of all kinds.

Vampires: Since he does not really believe in them, "proving" Vampires to him will surely spark interesting RP.

Time: Everything concerning the manipulation of time either with magic/powers/technology is of greatest interest for him.

Anti-Age/Immortality: All matters of prolonging one's life or even attaining immortality.

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The owl on his shoulder:

Spotted Owlet (Athene brama) at Bharatpur I IMG 5277.jpg

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