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Pronounced: Muh-REESE
Nicknames: MJ, Reese
Age: Mid Twenties
Hobbies: Cosplay
Traits: Appearance - 5 (Musky Scent)
Central Heterochromia
160+ IQ

When Maryse is not hidden away at work, she can be found at almost any comic book shop or comic book convention. She is quite the avid cosplayer. Her known costumes range from Mary Jane Watson to Jessica Rabbit to Red Sonja, though there is a high preference towards MJ.

When she's not being a complete nerd, you can find her out at the coffee houses or frequenting bars and enjoying the nightlife that Prospect has to offer. Unfortunately, she is a ginger which means going to the beach is truly not her idea of fun. She doesn't tan, she freckles. And as everyone knows: For each new freckle, it's another soul that has been consumed! It doesn't mean that she won't go out in the sun. She's not a complete vampire. But SPF 5000 is a 'thing' as she does not want to turn into a lobster.

Oh, and if you didn't know. Her favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. So if you want to get on her good side? You can bribe her with Reese's.


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