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Marguerite Helaine Delatour
"An appropriate quote will go here."

Margot, Margot, Margot

RP Hooks

Fame 2: Margot is a French "It Girl" who is well-known in certain circles for her strong online presence and influence as a tastemaker. She currently boasts half a million Instagram followers, specializing in luxury and lifestyle porn. She is the daughter of popular French model and socialite, Christine (one name), and grew up with much of her life in the local press. Some of her younger exploits, including sinking a luxury yacht at age sixteen, made for popular titillation. Her wealth and pedigree, as well as her mother's high society influences, opened many doors, including the chance to meet and dazzle numerous designers. She currently serves as a brand ambassador and does some light modeling, but is otherwise unemployed.
High Society: She has influence and connections.
Street: She may hobnob with high society, but she likes to get high.
Fashion: She is a model and brand ambassador for numerous luxury brands.
Nightlife: Margot frequents numerous clubs and bars.
Muse: Are you an artistic type needing inspiration?


Phillip: Oh, que vous avez de grandes dents.

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