Mallory Bor

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Mallory Bor
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Information Snapshots

- Age: 22

- Height: 5'6

- Weight: 110

- Eyes: Brown

- Hair: Dark brown

- Demeanor: Deviant

- Nature: Thrill-Seeker


- Appearance: 3

- Flaws: Curiosity, Shy

- Newly employed by Professor Parnell Robinson as a Teaching Assistant.

Contacts Quotes
- Mallory is a photographer. Like with a degree and shit. MFA in Photography from Pratt and a BFA in Journalism. Portfolio is on her professional website.

- Mallory's hobby is photographing... Bad stuff. Car accidents, fires, plane crashes. Pretty much anything kinda jacked.

- She also has a very active social media footprint. Her website @DarthMal is constantly updated with her daily comings and goings as well as the kind of photography she loves.

"This place is a total dumpsterfire."

"I think that's an unrealistic paradigm. Like Christianity."


RP Logs

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