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Brief History

Luan hasn't had a bad run of it yet. Born into wealth, he's used his birthright and resources to live comfortably. As he can. Doubly influenced by Seline, he tries to balance his new career and citizenship against the fact that he's walking, rage fueled siege engine.


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Full Name: Luan Chuke
Rite Name: Ukufa Kamuva
Age: Late 20s
Profession: Commercial Real Estate
Tribe: Simba, Amadu'o
Breed: Homid
Pryio: Night


Dual Citizenship: Bouncing between Miami, Florida and Durban, South Africa on a regular schedule got old. He's settled in Prospect playing up the tourist angle.
Full Mood: On nights of the Full Moon, Luan is an absolute nightmare to deal with. Borderline psychotic and overflowing with Rage. Mixed blessings. Rage management pointers?
Might Makes Right: Simba. Through and through. Other tribe members will always be given openly preferential treatment.
Law of the Land: A death in the family has left him with land and money. Most of which is tied up overseas but he's got eyes on investment opportunities.


Gift Of Seline: 5
Moon-Mad: 5
Pure Breed: 1 (Simba)


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