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Hello, maybe you can help me. I'm looking for my friend, Li. It has been quite some time since I've seen her and I've grown quite worried actually. It isn't like her to run off and leave me.

What, you thought I was Li? Oh no. Though I suppose it makes sense you'd think so, this being her wiki page and all. But no, I'm not her. This is me:

Artavius Bonaventure aka Fluffy.jpg

My name, is Artavius Bonaventure, and why yes, it is very lovely fur. Thank you so much for noticing!

Now where was I? Oh, yes, right. Li. I can always sense which direction I need to go to find her, but that led me to the edge of the Pacific Ocean. We were in China, her homeland, you see. You wouldn't believe what a fuss it was for someone of my obvious refinement and stature to book passage across an ocean by myself. And of course I ended up in Seattle and then sensed she was down somewhere to the south. At least she isn't on some island in the middle of the ocean.

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So I'm in Prospect and now I can tell I'm close yet I can't seem to locate her yet. So perhaps you can help me. People don't quite open up to talking baby minxes like they do to other humans.

I suppose it would help to know something about her. Further below I'll show you a little teaser for a biography of her I'm writing. I have some wonderful action shots of her, and don't even get me started on what it took to get photos of her that predate the invention of photography.

But what to tell you? Her name is Zhang Li, though she goes by Li Zhang when in the States so people call her by the correct name. She was born in China a very long time ago. No no, it would be improper of me to tell you her exact age, so do not ask. Suffice it to say it was long before the modern age that exists in the world today.

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When she realized she wasn't aging as others, the world looked different for her. She started to take responsibility for those around her, trying to assure they had the chance to make as much of their lives as they could. She was drawn to sites of trouble. Barbarian raids, wars, pirate raids, despotic warlords, supernatural evils. In more modern times, tyrannical governments and the worst of organized crime drew her attention.

Perhaps I should stop there. I can be quite the chatterbox at times, and there are some things she would probably rather decide who gets to hear them for herself. But I'm worried about her. That she would come all this way without letting me know tells me something is very, very wrong.

I miss my friend.

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“Some pirates achieved immortality by great deeds of cruelty or derring-do. Some achieved immortality by amassing great wealth. But the captain had long ago decided that he would, on the whole, prefer to achieve immortality by not dying.”

– Terry Pratchett, The Color of Magic

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Li Zhang
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Name: Li Zhang
Apparent Age: Late teens
Occupation: Independently wealthy
Race: Kinain
Played By: Pan ShuangShuang

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RP Hooks
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  • Kinain
  • Scenes from history
  • Chinese
  • College classes
  • Recovering lost memories
  • Cute baby white minks

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The Carpenters - Top of the World
Such a feelin's comin' over me
There is wonder in 'most ev'ry thing I see
Not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes
And I won't be surprised if it's a dream

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I grew up in a time before electronics or even science, really. Where the strong ruled by the sword. Until Fate made me more than just another peasant. I used what I'd become to stop those who needed to be stopped.

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I befriended and fought alongside beasts who could become men.

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I faced creatures from beyond for whom we humans were but playthings. Or food.

Sometimes I failed.

Li resurrection white.jpg

Though after my enemies would leave me for dead, my eyes would reopen, and I'd take up the fight again until it was won.

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As the times changed so did I. Swords gave way to guns, and explosives. The way I fought changed, but not the fight itself.

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Sometimes I faced down the supernatural. But man can be every bit as evil as a demon, and in the decades where men struggled against governments who sought to oppress them, I often found myself on the side of freedom fighters, hidden in deserts or jungle camps.

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But I've known good times as well. I have loved. Married more than once. I have watched my families grow and prosper over the years. And I have watched my loved ones die.

Most people living today have no idea how good we have it. Or how easily it can all be taken away.

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Played By: Pan ShuangShuang