Leah Martin

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Leah Martin



Information Snapshots

Played by: Katie Cassidy
Age: 32
Height: 5'7"
Demeanor: Predator
Nature: Addict


Notable Stats

Appearance: ●●●●
Intelligence: ●●●●
Crafts: ●●●●
Firearms: ●●●●
Melee: ●●●●
Occult: ●●●●


Inspiration People


Hidden Citizens, Paint it Black
Linkin Park, Somewhere I Belong
Linkin Park, Points of Authority

Zara : Halestorm, Dirty Work
"Get on your knees and let the games begin..."
Camilla: Halestorm, Tell Me Where it Hurts
"In order for me to play your nurse.... you're gonna have to tell me where it hurts."


RP Hooks

Tijuana: Leah's main stomping grounds are south of the border.
Bloody Good Fun: Leah hangs out with a certain set of the locals.
Smooth Criminal: Her profession is less that strictly legal. Inquire for further details.



Mortal.png Once upon a time... then I learned more...
Garou.png Monsters I scarce wish to meet.
Wraith.png Perhaps I've made a few...
Mage.png I really don't like it when people look down at me.
Changeling.png Hey if I push the bounds of reality why not something else...
Vampire.png Pleasantly and agonizingly surprising all at once.
Demon.png I mean... after a fashion I guess?
Mummy.png No... no way...



Zara and Camilla: One precious mistake, one trap unseen and my world revolves around them both.

RP Logs

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