Lauren McShasters

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Lauren "Prays-With-Strangers" McShasters

“The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great that I thought I was in a dream.”

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RP Hooks
  • San Francisco - She is from San Francisco. She grew up on a fishing boat for the most part, going to an underfunded local school. She had a very abusive family, to put it lightly, and got out as soon as she was able.

  • School - She attended UC Prospect and got a Bachelors in Agricultural Science.

  • PeaceCorps - After graduating she joined the PeaceCorps, travelling all over Africa. She helped build schools and wells, but mainly helped teach the locals about sustainable farming. She did a lot of great things while over there.

  • Change - She went through her First Change while in Africa, and ended up being taken in by one of her PeaceCorps supervisors, an Adren Child of Gaia. He taught her everything she needed to know.

  • Ahadi - While she is not a member of the Ahadi, she spent a good amount of time with them. Years, actually. She helped them rebuild post-Blacktooth, and learned a lot from them. She is a good friend and ally to the organization.

  • Kinain - That abusive family? Yeah, her father is a Shadow Court member, and an insanely Unseelie Selkie. He's still after her, actually, despising the idea that his little girl got away.

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Lauren McShasters

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Apparent Age: Jailbait (Actually 25)
Nationality: American
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Occupation: Unemployed (Former Peacecorps)
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Auspice: Theurge
Breed: Homid
Rank: Cliath

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