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Changeling.png “So goodbye Alice in Wonderland, goodbye yellow brick road.
There is a difference between dreaming and pretending.
That was not love in your eyes,
It was only a reflection of my lonely mind searching for what was missing in my life.
Growing up is not an absence of dreaming,
It's being able to understand the difference between the ones you can hold,
And the ones that you've been sold.
And dreaming is a good thing cause it brings new things to life,
But pretending is an ending that perpetuates a lie.
Forgetting what you are.
Seeing for what you've been told.
Ohh truth is stranger than fiction this is my chance to get it right.
And life is much better without all of those pretty lies”

Jewel - Goodbye Alice in Wonderland


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"Trust me. I know a thing or two about liking people, and in time, after much chocolate and cream cake, 'like' turns into 'what was his name again?'"

Rodrigo: "Never mind all that! Get to the part where I lose my temper."

Conrad: “But it's no use now to pretend to be two people! Why, there's hardly enough of me left to make one respectable person!”

Ambrosine: One thing was certain, that the white kitten had had nothing to do with it: — it was the black kitten's fault entirely.

Jeoffrey: "When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less."

Sirus: “I don't think..." "Then you shouldn't talk."

Tiffani: "All persons more than a mile high must leave the court immediately!"

Harbor: “If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there."

Sterling: “I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.”

Erin: “If it had grown up, it would have made a dreadfully ugly child; but it makes rather a handsome pig, I think.”

Ernst: "Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves."

Cali: "Arrest that girl for unlawful seduction!"

Karth: “Well that was the silliest tea party I ever went to! I am never going back there again!”

Madison: "I've had nothing yet, so I can't take more." "You mean you can't take less; it's very easy to take more than nothing."

Thaddeus: "How cheerfully he seems to grin, how neatly spreads his claws, and welcomes little fishes in...with gently smiling jaws!"

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.”

(All quotes by Lewis Carroll.)

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RP Hooks
  • Off the Record: Off the Record is a coffee shop, music shop, and bookstore; it sells espresso and coffee as well as pastries and sandwiches. Typical coffee shop fare. Of the musical bits, they sell new and used records, CDs, and sheet music, rent and sell from a small collection of instruments. Book-wise, they sell both new and used. Mostly fiction, with a Fantasy and Science Fiction bent. There are several other store-fronts in the building (which Lark owns) that are for rent, as well as several studio apartments above (also for rent). Renting a shop or studio requires an interview with Lark; they're not advertised in general. They are mostly reserved for other Changelings, though a down-on-their-luck artist might be able to get a spot.
  • Bartender (Fame 1): Lark was the hotshot (nearly midget) bartender of the Sideshow, known for being incredibly good at her job. Those of a barfly sort who pay attention to such things may have heard of her; she used to put on quite the show on regular occasion. She was incredibly good at her job, both in the serving drinks (and picking drinks) category, as a showman, and also as a sympathetic ear if she was caught when it's not busy. While she's mostly caught up in running her own place these days, she does still occasionally put an appearance in, usually on Friday or Saturday nights.
  • Short: Lark is a tinyperson. She's 4'9" and fully an adult. She wears huge shoes to try and counteract this, but really, she's never going to reach a high shelf without a ladder. While she's not terribly sensitive about her height (she will pretend she is, mind), it's certainly a conversation starter.
  • Washington: This is where she's from. Specifically, Seattle and then Spokane. If your character is from these areas, hey, maybe they know one another. IT COULD HAPPEN. Drop me a page.
  • Streetpeople: While she is employed and does actually have somewhere to live right now, Lark has spent quite a bit of time on the streets (and no, it did not always go terribly well for her, given the givens). She is likely to be familiar with other people whose life revolves around this particular lifestyle.
  • Seer: This is what she is. She has nightmares, and she also is very gifted with Soothsay. If you want to use this for a plot / some character development, I'm happy to participate, just let me know. However! She has had HORRIBLE experiences with this in the past, so don't expect her to participate in any conversations about the topic. Usually she will just bolt if the subject comes up. She will not ignore her visions, though. Ever.
  • Surreal Quality: She has this flaw. It makes her attractive to mortals at inopportune moments, makes her stand out as something strange, makes her the first target for things that go bump in the night. Feel free to notice her.
  • Bard's Tongue: She also has this flaw. If you want her to say something to have it come true later, feel free to tag me about it and she will spit it out.
  • Sidhe: She hates (most of) them. It's nothing personal.

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Lark (Eshu)

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Date of Birth: December 31
Apparent Age: 21
Occupation: Bartender at the Sideshow
Kith: Eshu
Seeming: Wilder
Court: Unseelie
Niche: Seer
PB: Kerli Kõiv

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Notable Stats
Danger Sense
Bard's Tongue
Surreal Quality

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“You kn-kn-know that if you don’t
Shut your mouth, she’ll freak out.
You better get your shit together,
‘Cause she’s bringing you down now.
Yeah boy you better, you better,
'Cause she's an uptown,
Anything-goes girl, girl.
She's a hardcore,
Gimme-some-more girl, girl.
She’s got her wicked sense of humor,
Can’t believe what she says.
She drinks Bacardi in the morning
‘Til it goes to her head.
And all you want is to hold her,
But she don’t go for that.
She has a hard time coming
When she can’t hit back.
Every now and then,
She makes you just a little bit crazy.
She’ll turn a knife into your back
And then she’s calling you baby.

Matchbox 20 - She's So Mean

“You're gone, gone, gone, away,
I watched you disappear.
All that's left is a ghost of you.
Now we're torn, torn, torn apart,
There's nothing we can do.
Just let me go we'll meet again soon.
Now wait, wait, wait, for me,
Please hang around,
I'll see you when I fall asleep.
Hey! Don't listen to a word I say.
Hey! The screams all sound the same.
Hey! Though the truth may vary,
This ship will carry
Our bodies safe to shore.”

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

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