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Kyousuke Konno, having just graduated from his high-school career has acted unto his own and afforded his own flat in Prospect. In public he's rarely seen alone for an entire day, frequently being arm candy for someone or away in discreet nooks. His profession is one that was given to him in his youth and which he is open about to most. He's bright about the world he's in because it's better than his childhood and he has atleast one good friend to count on.

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Stereotypin' is not the usual fare for Konno, he'd rather know the person at face value before trying to dissect if they're deserving of a prejudice.

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Daniel: The one true friend Konno has made of his peers, and his greatest pawn. Dan just doesn't know it yet. Dan is usually never more than a phonecall away.

Piaoxiao Yuyen: The man that Konno owes his current life to, his mentor. Enigmatic and rarely away from home.

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Yer looking at it!

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Full Name: Kyousuke Konno

Age: 18

Height: 5'9"

Fame: There might be some underground videos of a younger Konno doing much the same he does now for work.

Position: Male Escort

Apparent Age: Appropriste

Plan: Keep making Grofit.

Theme Song: Gackt: Another World ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oflbCSxjSVU )

Office-hours: Variable, usually afternoons/evenings-sunrise GMT-5/EST(Autumn&Sinter) GMT-4/EDT(Spring&Summer)

Temperament: Calm, work should explain further.

Short Desc: Pale, passionate, fabulous?

Actor: Gackt

Notable Stats: Seduction & Courage

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RP Hooks
Aside from socialite activities, Konno's profession is a good angle to pull for his presence.

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To be added later it's 5hours past my bedtime when I made this buuuuh

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