Kinfolk House

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Run by: Lucie
Travel: @tel #3099, @hangouts/jump kinfolk, Deep Forest off Old Hwy 58
Protected: This premise is a safe house for those of Gaian persuasion. Follow the rules, you are welcome.
Protectors: Roadkill


Kinfolk House

Safehouse and School


Andrew, a Get of Fenris kinfolk started the house when he moved to Prospect. He then was called by Gaia and gave the house to another Get of Fenris kinfolk to run and have available for the needs of kinfolk of various tribes. Lucie Davis now runs the house.

Kinfolk House Available Services:


  • Hanging on the wall is an enchanted item made of stones and metal. It has the Impotent Rage Charm on it. (064195) Rage rolls have a difficulty of 9.
Kinfolk Wall.jpg
  • Vesta has enchanted one of the shower heads to emulate Rite of Cleansing (WtA 157). Someone with Gnosis needs to activate it, but the target of the cleansing can be someone else.
  • There is crash space on the mezzanine for anyone who needs a safe place to stay while finding something more permanent.
  • There are cabins to rent in the forest space around the main house for long term.


  • Children of garou blood are taught here. They learn many of the things they need to survive in the real world as well as the world of the Garou, of Gaia and the dangers of the Wyrm. The school teaches Pre-school through middle school.
  • Teachers are kinfolk trained in the needs of children of unique needs and capabilities.
  • Children in the know can be kept from sharing that knowledge by being somewhat outside the human community until they know what can and can't be shared.


  • There are four cabins in the woods around the main house.
  • There is a pool and a fire pit in the clearing between the cabins.
  • The rules are the same as the main house.
  • If you are a problem, you can and WILL be evicted. You do not own the cabin, Lucie and Andy do and they have a low tolerance for bullshit.


  • Need food? Clothes? Seed money to get set up in the city?
  • A safe place to eat/sleep/crash/cry.
  • Need info on local events? Who is who in the garou community? Where to go to fix problems or find answers?


  • Lucie - PC - Get of Fenris Kinfolk.
  • Andy PC - Garou of the Child of Gaia, Den Father.


  • Cook - NPC
  • Housekeeper - NPC
  • School Teacher - NPC
  • Members of Roadkill and other NPCs are on staff and can forcibly remove those who break the rules.
  • NO fighting
  • Sanctuary will be granted to those who ask, or are in need.
  • Don't be an asshole.
  • You are not the center of the universe, don't act like it.
  • Don't infringe on the rights of others.
  • Be respectful of others.

Kinfolk House Lore

Since its inception, the place has been respite for the Gaian shifters and their family within the city. The goal is sanctuary. A neutral place to talk, meet and learn of the local shifter community. This is NOT a caern, though spirits find the place pleasing. Those with even a little garou or gaian lore, or talk with spirits, would know that this is a safe place to go for the Gaian community, as long as you follow the rules.

This is not a welcome place for the Wyrm Tainted. It would be risk 3 to enter.

OOC information:

OOC note: Wyrm oriented characters or those who are not part of the Gaian community are at automatic risk 3 entering into the place. ICA does mean ICC here. There are NPCs within the house and grounds. You should expect to see people eating or relaxing in the house or yard areas, typically those who are kin or shifters (high willpower to accommodate those with high rage that may linger). There is always someone around. It is also sphere-locked. If someone outside the sphere enters, contact staff immediately. You may hold events (@mail Lucie and Andy so we can know what is going on). You may use it in and with PRPs, just don't do anything that would bring the attention of a rival faction (such as wyrmy sorts). A lot of work went into this place as a safehouse and that would ruin it's purpose. DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO RUIN THE STATE OF THE KINFOLK HOUSE AS A SAFEHOUSE.