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The Details

Born and raised in the squatter community of Slab City, CA, Kadet was already off to an interesting start. A young transgirl raised by punks. She went through her Chrysalis very young, and she quickly grew to prominence in the surprisingly large Fae population of Slab City. Baroness of the Wastes. That all changed when an independent security contracting company setup shop nearby with levels of Banality she'd never fathomed before. She fled the place, along with most of the other Changelings, to seek safer lodgings. Now she runs a Household of likeminded Changelings out of an abandoned skatepark and arcade, which was a thriving Freehold in the 1980's, but dwindled to near nothing over the years since. Punks, minimum wage strugglers, and down-and-outs of all stripes flock to her community. She looks out for them and does what she can to keep folks fed, watered and thriving. She's happy in the rust and dust. We don't want your yuppy flats, we are happy with our rats.

  • Sphere: Changeling
  • Apparent Age: 18 - 21
  • Occupation: Crust Punk Nobility


  • Regent: She is full of charisma, and folks tend to flock to her. She takes care of them, though. She takes her 'role' seriously, and is likely to swing on people who put her 'family' in danger. Are you down-and-out? Struggling on the streets or damn near? You don't need to be a Changeling to gain her love.
  • Seelie: Kadet is VERY unorthodox. She's so unorthodox that many folks might mistake her as Unseelie. However, she is Seelie through and through. She might buck at trends, but she keeps to the Code.
  • Sidhe: The girl is an Autumn Sidhe. You can even see those pointed ears under the ink and dust.
  • Liam: She belongs to the House of outcasts.
  • Trans: Yup. And?