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Jennifer Chen grew up in a family stressing education. The middle of three daughters to a linguistics professor and a concert cellist, Jennifer placed out of her final years in high school. Beginning college at 16, she eventually went on to earn a law degree from Harvard.

A prime case came up while Jennifer was working at a prestigious law firm, Blake, Cassels and Graydon. Jennifer ended up trying the case before the Supreme Court, garnering her quite a bit of attention. As a judge position came open, the young Asian woman with no political ambitions and a promising future proved too good to pass up as a political appointment.

Unfortunately, Jennifer's ensuing time as a judge was not a happy one. With a soft-hearted nature, she sometimes found it a struggle to hand out harsh sentences even when they were deserved. Throw in the problems inherit in the judicial system, and after a half dozen years she finally decided to step down from the bench.

With enough money banked away from her time as a lawyer, and a number of good investments, the thirty-five year old now has time on her hands. She's opening a tapas bar and latin dance club near campus, more to have something to do than because she needs the money.

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Jennifer Chen
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Apparent Age: 35
Race: Mortal
Occupation: Lawyer. Owner: Tapas bar/latin dance club
Played By: Sung Hi Lee

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RP Hooks
Tapas Bailando Tapas bar and latin dance club near campus. Drop in. Or Get a job.
Legal work Jennifer is a highly skilled lawyer, who also does pro bono work.
Music Jennifer is a music lover and plays the cello.
Approachable Jennifer has the Approachable merit. She is easy to talk to

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Played By: Sung Hi Lee