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Jeanette Williams, MD

"One day when I was a junior medical student, a very important Boston surgeon visited the school and delivered a great treatise on a large number of patients who had undergone successful operations for vascular reconstruction. At the end of the lecture, a young student at the back of the room timidly asked, 'Do you have any controls?' Well, the great surgeon drew himself up to his full height, hit the desk, and said, 'Do you mean did I not operate on half the patients?' The hall grew very quiet then. The voice at the back of the room very hesitantly replied, 'Yes, that’s what I had in mind.' Then the visitor’s fist really came down as he thundered, 'Of course not. That would have doomed half of them to their death.'

God, it was quiet then, and one could scarcely hear the small voice ask, 'Which half?'"

Dr E. E. Peacock, Jr

Date of Birth: December 4, 1980
Occupation: OB/GYN
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Demeanor: Caregiver
Nature: Monster
Appearance FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.png
Stamina FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Dexterity FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.png
Intelligence FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Medicine FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.png
Intimidation FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Rage FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png
Gnosis FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Banality FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngFLimedot.png
Cult FLimedot.pngFLimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.pngELimedot.png

Medical Professional: Her entire family is pretty solidly entrenched in the medical profession. Both of her brothers are medical doctors, as are her parents. Her grandparents, though all dead at this point, were all doctors or nurses as well. Jeanette NOT going to medical school was thus entirely out of the question. By now, she and her brothers have taken over the family clinic, with Jeanette specializing in obstetrics and gynaecology. She takes her job very seriously, and is generally well-liked within the community.

Solipsism: Saying that Jeanette is not quite entirely sane would be putting things mildly. She might not necessarily show any obvious outward signs of it anymore, but in her mind she is utterly convinced that nothing is real. NOTHING. The people around her are not real people. The ground she stands on is not real. Her own body isn't real. Absolutely EVERYTHING is in her mind, none of it really exists. As a result, she doesn't feel that she needs to feel responsible for her actions, even truly horrible ones - because she's convinced none of it is actually happening. Still, sitting around doing nothing gets boring fast, so she usually plays along with the 'delusion'...

Xenomorph Queen: Though outwardly normal, the 'good doctor' has in fact been transformed into a Fomor. She is in essence a humanoid version of the Queens from the various 'Alien' movies - stabby tail, near-impervious black chitin, incredibly potent acid for blood, sticky webbing for binding people with, you name it. Luckily (for her, at least), she is quite capable of hiding all this, appearing perfectly human when she wants to. Her reproductive system has been drastically altered too, although unlike her movie counterparts she eschews the facehugger thing and injects her eggs directly into humanoid women - usually about a half-dozen eggs per victim. What follows is a seemingly normal pregnancy (albeit a pretty massive one), but make no mistake - those babies are NOT human, but fomori.

For Science!: With the help of generous funding and assistance from Magadon, what started out as a small-scale operation has grown into so much more. Somewhere, in a no doubt well-guarded lab, numerous women are kept locked up, used as incubators for a new generation of Xenomorph-like Fomori. Current figures estimate an output of roughly 300 fomori per year. Obviously, most of the 'incubators' aren't exactly there of their own free will...

Cultists Accepted: ...but perhaps more disturbingly, some actually ARE volunteers, and eager ones at that. The cult is growing, too...


Test Subjects

VampireCainites "An interesting distraction, but unsuitable for my line of research. They seem best left to their own devices."

MortalHumans "Plentiful and diverse. Easily captured and controlled; excellent incubators."

fomoriFomori "A fascinating next step of human evolution. Occasionally unstable, but still useful as fodder. Now, the more intelligent ones, on the other hand... they are the future."

rouGarou "Dangerous. They might have their uses, though. I will have to run some tests."

Figments of my Imagination

Leo: "Proper funding: check."

Alicia: "Competent help: check."

M: "Divine intervention: check."


James Horner: 'Medlab' "A pleasant, relaxed atmosphere is crucial to being able to conduct proper science."

Akira Yamaoka: Silent Hill Opening Theme "Pristine white walls, friendly nurses, smiles all around... there is nothing wrong here. Nothing wrong at all."

Weird Al Yankovic: Everything You Know Is Wrong"Vampires aren't real. Werewolves aren't real. Humans aren't real. You're not real. Nothing is real... so no, I do not conduct 'unethical experiments' on 'real people'. There ARE no real people."

Portal OST: 'Still Alive' "What we do is necessary... but enjoyable. Ahh, science..."

melody: 'Elegy of the Solipsist' "I suppose, accordingly, that all the things which I see are false (fictitious); I believe that none of those objects which my fallacious memory represents ever existed; I suppose that I possess no senses; I believe that body, figure, extension, motion, and place are merely fictions of my mind. What is there, then, that can be esteemed true? Perhaps this only, that there is absolutely nothing certain."

Marilyn Manson: 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)' "Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you. Some of them want to be abused..."

Kill la Kill OST: 'Blumenkranz' "Grow strong, my precious children."


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