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Race: Mortal+

Age: 32

Build: Petite

Demeanor: Decoder

Position: Detective

Status: Divorced


  • Recently divorced
  • Detective PPD
  • Interested in forensics
  • Psychic
  • Alternate Identity


Recently divorced, Jacie has moved back to town to be closer to her family. Having lived in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband since her college years when she had left Prospect for the great unknown at the age of 18. Jacie had taken the courses that would eventually lead her into law enforcement, she met and married a fellow officer in the precinct, Darren Martin.


Jamie Maddox - New Partner. He's married, his old partner Frank just retired. Still in the getting to know the new partner phase and everything is tentative right now. Maybe by next week, I'll be planting tofu pizza on his desk or something.

Garreth - Fellow detective, drug task force. Maybe a flirt? Not so used to getting flirted with to recognize it anymore.

Darren - Ex-husband. Enough said.


Jaciealternate.jpg Jaciedivorce.jpg