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Mortal Eyes See

This woman is quite remarkable. She is quite tall, around five feet and ten inches, well over average for her sex. But this is not what really makes her stand out. There are several different characteristics that all combine into one very distinctive whole. Firstly, there is her face. She has a slightly pointed chin, and a very full mouth. Her eyes are a deep, deep brown. When she smiles, she has slight dimples. Her hair, which is a rich mahogany brown, is shot through with streaks of a bright green, a vibrant spring green shade. Her skin is very pale, rather akin to the colour of polished ash wood.

Her overall appearance is one filled with sex appeal, but an appeal that is all the more effective because she has made no effort to enhance it. A natural beauty, not a manufactured piece of cosmetic fakery. However, she does have several tattoos. A vine design curls around her left arm, and when on display, a rose motif rests on the left side of her chest. There are wildflowers depicted on her right calf. And on her back, a meticulously detailed representation of a sunrise seen above the branches of an ash tree in midsummer.

She has very noticable curves. Nothing gratiutious or overstated, but there is a very noticable presence of the sort of posterior that, according to the song, would make Sir Mix-a-Lot "get sprung." Her walk is a truly graceful thing to watch, a flowing stride, smooth, but with a hint of a strut. Rather like a giraffe. If it had only two legs. The analogy might need some work. Her fingers are also long and nimble.

Her voice has a slightly deep timbre to it, an almost husky or earthy sort of tone to it. And the accent... well, it is very difficult to place it. There is no doubt, it is not American, but it has so many different influences, the place from which she first came is lost within it. Some British, maybe a hint of Australian, and the occasional drawl of French or Spanish... and then suddenly a burst of unmistakable Scottish burr. Maybe she is just well traveled... or does it on purpose.


Fae Eyes See...

This woman is a very unusual sight indeed. She is quite petite, only around five feet and a couple of inches tall. She is very delicately built, and moves gracefully. These things are not so unusual. However, what is odd is that her skin has the colouring, as well as the texture, of very pale wood. Her hair, moreover, is a mixture of rich brown, and leaf green, and she wears it loose, flowing behind her as she walks. Her eyes are incredibly dark brown. Her nails are forest green, as are her lips. And an elaborate seeming tattoo curls about her entire body, starting at her left ankle, and reaching to her neck. It depicts vines, budding with small flowers in various colours.

Delicate as she may seem, she is nevertheless extremely attractive. There is a sensuality about her that it is hard to ignore. She wears a simple dress, that reaches to her knees. It is pale green, and unadorned.

Technically, Iolanthe is many thousands of years old - or, more than likely, over a million, like all Inanimae, as she came into being at the start of the Mythic Age. Her current age is how long it has been since she last awoke from her ages-old sleep. Like most Inanimae, she fell into slumber when the Mythic Age came to an end, but she was not dead. She has woken up periodically down the millenia, but usually for relatively short periods. This is the longest single period of time she has been awake. She has managed to balance her glamour and banality, so far, so returning to sleep is not required. Sooner or later, she will have to return to an Anchor for a few centuries, but hopefully that time is still some way off.

Since she awoke in the 19th Century, she has spent most of her time traveling, stopping in a place for a year or two, then moving on again, as wanderlust took hold. She has an insatiable curiosity for the world, especially now it has been so changed by technology and science. This may be her undoing, as such things are magnets for banality.

During her travels, she has been to many interesting places. She was at the opening of the Great Exhibition in 1851. In the 1880s, still in London, she was muse to W.S. Gilbert, who even wrote an operetta with her name in her honour. She saw the Paris of the 1890s, Berlin in the 1920s, and the horrors of the two world wars, which convinced her that humanity needed kindness, not more harsh treatment. It has forever coloured her world view, and she is firmly entrenched in her Seelie nature.

She visited Australia in the 1950s, and spent the latter part of the decade in New York. To her, it was bliss. She spent the Summer of Love in Haight-Ashbury, totally revelling in the freedom, drugs, sex, and music. The 1970s saw her back in Europe, where she took up residence in Amsterdam for several years, and where she became a well-know character in the red light district. Not for her sexual wiles, but for her singing. She was a guest singer on albums for several artists, especially those of a more prog rock type. She toured with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, part of their entourage. In the latter part of the decade, she was to be found in London, hanging out with the rebel icons, and sharing a flat with Vivienne Westwood and Jordan Mooney for a year.

The 1980s came, and she became a devoted New Romantic, like many of the post-punk crowd did. But as London became the centre of the capitalist, screw everything except money, mentality, she became disillusioned, and felt banality swamping her. She left. Stopping off in Ibiza for a while, she headed back to Australia, and spent some time in Adelaide. She moved on from there, and traveled South America for several years.

For the past twenty years, she has traveled across the Orient, and back across Europe, and finally she returned to North America, and hitch hiked her way all across the continent. Finally, she arrived back on the West Coast, intrigued to see what changes have occured in the past fifty years.

It is surprising that, with all this travel, that she speaks no human language, other than English. She has always said that she never felt the need, and when she needed to learn anything, she asked the birds.

She is a dryad. She probably means that quite literally.

  • Changelings: I'm a fan...
  • The Murder of Crows: I'm the chef at this kickass bar. Come on down. Try my mind-blowing nibbles! (That was NIBBLES. Don't be filthy!)
Dryad016.jpg*Cash - Nice bloke, and not averse to a daft wager.

Name Iolanthe
Age 188 (See Biography)
Occupation Chef
Height 5 ft 10 ins
Weight 130 lbs
Race Inanimae
Phyla Kubera (Dryad)
Court Krofted
Seeming Wilder
Faction Seelie
Seelie Legacy Philanthropist
Unseelie Legacy Cerenaic
Nature Explorer
Demeanor Bon Vivant
Appearance ***** (Alluring)
Dexterity **** (Graceful)
Botany ***
Cooking **** (Vegetarian)
Dancing ***
Herbalism ***
Singing **** (A capella)
Holdings ***
Husk ****
Friendly Face
Nature's Child
Voice of a Songbird
Sensation Junkie
Aquis **
Stratus *
Verdage ***
Played By Daisy Taylor