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Ikto came into existence around seventeen centuries ago and has always been a denizen of North America. For seven hundred years, he existed amongst the tribes as both a trickster and teacher. He has encountered Garou and Fera alike in his time, but has maintained a healthy distance from such creatures to avoid the violence that naturally seems to follow them.

He is a true shapeshifter able to assume shapes big and small, but his true essence is a spider. An existence he often returns to deep in the wilderness of the Americas for long periods of time, only emerging to prowl amongst humankind when curiosity and a thirst for stories beckon him back into society.

His most recent return has been heralded with marvel. The modern city of Prospect is alien to him, filled with marvels, yet the flaws of humans seem the same as always.

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Humans: Humans are interesting creatures. Always changing but never really changing. The same character flaws emerge time and time again, and sometimes people with amazing potential need a hard lesson. The right medicine can put someone back on track.

Garou: Too violent. Too much killing beyond the need for survival. I've heard the stories of the War of Rage.

Anansi: The Damhan are too tied to the will of Queen Ananasa. Spiders do not need a queen.

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Race: Bygone
Full Name: Ikto
Date of Birth: March 3rd 300
Heritage: Mystical Spider
Demeanor: Survivor
Apparent Age: Variable, often late 20's
Height: Variable, usually slightly above 6 feet tall as a human

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RP Hooks

The Native: Ikto is protective of native peoples and willing to go the extra mile to assist their causes.

The Trickster: Ikto has a natural tendency for playing practical jokes on those who deserve it.

The Old One: Ikto is 1700 years old. He remembers North America before the Europeans.

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Played By: Cherokee Jack