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The church says the earth is flat;
...but I have seen its shadow on the moon,
I have more confidence in a shadow than in the church.

— Ferdinand Magellan

Iago Esperanto Fonteleon

Born at the dawn of the 16th century Iago Fonteleon signed on as a sailor on Ferdinand Magellan's historical voyage. Never making it past the Strait of All Saints. He was swept from the deck during a storm north of Tierra Del Fuego. Having been recovered by natives he was able to coinvince them not to kill him immediately and spent the next half decade living as one of them. When the still wet behind the ears Sabbat began expenading influence in the New World he acted as translator for his tribe with the European demons who had began moving into thier territory. This led to him being targeted for recruitment by a former Spanish Donna (noble woman), Isabella Esperato, and inducted into the Sabbat and Clan Gangrel.

Over the last 5 centuries both he and the Sabbat have evolved. He has moved from place to place where his clan and sect have had need of him. He works well with mortal society, much more then the stereo typical member of the Sabbat. He has picked up a few of the holy rites and makes enough to live on by teaching latino and ballroom dancing.

RP Hooks


  • Do you think you can dance? Private dance instructor.
  • Please state the nature of your medical emergency! Trained Emergency Medical Technician
  • Not every Latino speaks Spanish... Fluent in Portugeuse


  • Vinculum To store my Vinculum rituals, and level with other sabbat members, this page should help! Vinculum.
  • Dinner is served... Is it in you?
  • Looking for recruits... Want to take a dirt nap?
  • Help Wanted... Some Sabbat /do/ take ghouls...

Vampire Character

Name: Iago Esperanto Fonteleon
Sire: Donna Isabella Esperanto
Death: September 11th, 1525
Clan: City Gangrel
Sect: Sabbat
Path: Honorable Accord

Profession: Dance Instructor
Country of Origin: Portugal
Apparent Age: 25
Looking for:




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