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Step 1: Create the New Page. RP Logs should be entitled using the following convention: YYYY.MM.DD:(NAME OF LOG) So if you were posting a log of a conversation at the Roaster you might call it, 2013.07.23:Coffee Talk.

Step 2: Set up the Template. Cut and paste the code below into the heading of your new log page.

{{Infobox Log
|name      = Name of log. Usually just the title of the page.
|summary   = A one line summary of the log.
|icdate    = ic date.
|ictime    = ic time.
|players   = Players in the scene. (it's a good idea to link each player to their wiki with [[around their name]]
|location  = location or locations.
|prptp     = The prp or tp the log is a part of.
|spheres   = The spheres involved in the log.
|themesong = A theme song for the log

Step 3: Post the Log. It's a good idea to put a blank line after each pose so that it's easier to read. Otherwise you have a page which is one huge wall of text.

Step 4: Link the Log. At the bottom of the log you'll need to add a number of categories to the post so that it will be linked to everyone's pages.


Once you've done this you can click save and the log should be posted.

But how do you make sure that it shows up on your own page? Well... that's part 2.

Assuming that you're using the following template for your character:

{{ :Template:Charpage 
| disclaimer position  = off
| gallery position     = right
| stereotypes position = off
| hooks position       = left
| logs position        = off
| custom position 1    = right
| custom position 2    = right
| custom position 3    = left
| custom position 4    = right
| custom title 1       = Notable Stats
| custom title 2       = Soundtrack
| custom title 3       = Background
| custom title 4       = Logs

If you want to customize how the list looks, then you'll need to create a custom 'slot' for your logs to go into. In this case you could just add the custom title 4 (and custom position) and call it logs.

Once you create this within your character's wiki page, click save and edit the new 'log' page.

noresultsheader=''None yet.''

Just make sure that you replace the (YOUR NAME GOES HERE) with your name. Once done, click save and you're all set.