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House Rules

"Some men are alive simply because it is against the law to kill them."

-E. W. Howe


NOTE: These have not yet been reviewed for Wraith20 update, Wraith20 416-417 seems to be the equivalent

  • Argos
    • Mostly restricted to the Underworld.
    • Argos 1 (Enshroud): Embodied wraiths can use it on themselves, but not on others.
    • Argos 2 (Phantom Wings): May be an exception.
  • Mnemosynis
    • Memories (Ends of Empire 135) is available. Without it, hanging on to an acquired memory too long may have negative consequences at staff discretion.
  • Outrage
    • Outrage 4 (Death's Touch): Interpret 'heat and extent of the fire' based on WtO page 234 (Sources of Injury -> Fire). Living creatures and vampires cannot be directly ignited, but their clothes etc. can be.
    • Outrage 5 (Obliviate) targets the soul as well as the body. Non-wraith supernaturals are treated the same as mortals.
  • Pandemonium
    • Pandemonium 1 (Weirdness) lasts for one turn per success and is limited to small hallucinations. Phantasm is broader in scope.
    • Pandemonium 4 (Foul Humour) can create one point of blood per two successes. Vampires can drink it, but it's "revolting to a vampire - clotted, foul and generally nasty, much like what a Risen would have in her veins".
  • Usury
    • Usury 2 (Charitable Trust) cannot heal aggravated damage. Moliate 2 (Sculpt) can, but is more expensive.
    • Usury 3 (Early Withdrawal) is unsoakable, but again cannot heal aggravated damage.

Alternate arcanoi

  • The Great War - available to all wraiths, including tempered arcanoi (page 137).
  • The Hierarchy - requires Faction = Hierarchy.
  • Renegades - requires Faction = Renegade.
  • Guildbook (including Mnemoi from Ends of Empire) - see Arcanoi for details.
  • If the required thing is currently blank or "None", +request to have it changed.
  • Arts from other books are currently unavailable. On +request, staff will research which splat would be allowed to learn them, whether any PCs could belong to it, and where it fits into the factions.

The Fog

Typical immediate reactions of the non-immune:
Willpower Reaction
1 Catatonic fear
2 Panic
3 Disbelief
4 Berserk
5 Terror
6 Conciliatory
7 Controlled fear
8 Curiosity
9 Righteous anger
10 No reaction

More info: Wraith20 page 285

There seems to be some misunderstanding of who/what is exactly immune to various forms of supernatural innate powers. The following is a list of what's what for the races that have such:

The Fog - ...when a human witnesses a display of supernatural activity by the Restless, they may accept and respond to it in the moment, but afterward their minds actively work to rationalize and repress what they have seen. Encounters with wraiths become little more than vivid nightmares, bad drug trips, or even a bit of undigested beef playing havoc with one's system. ... The Fog does not apply to all mortals, however. Children, animals, and some gifted humans react to the presence of the Restless however seems appropriate to them, without reverting to more instinctual forms of behavior. (Wraith20 page 284)

  • Because the book doesn't state exactly which other supernatural denizens of the World of Darkness are immune to the Fog, staff has ruled that the following are immune:
    • All Supernaturals (Race is neither Mortal nor Mortal+)
    • All Ghouls
    • Sorcerers with at least level 3 in any numina.
    • Psychics with at least level 3 in any numina.
    • All Possessed
    • All Kinfolk
    • All Kinain
    • Those with the merit: Medium or Spirit Sight


See House Rules/Miscellaneous#Medium


Deathsight (Wraith20 126) can detect that someone isn't aging (e.g. Unaging merit, demon with non-empty Faith pool), but doesn't tell the wraith why.

Lifesight (Wraith20 126) uses same result chart as Auspex 2 (Aura Perception, VtM 150), but base diff 5 instead of 8.

PCs can choose to spend Shadow XP on their Shadow (Wraith20 302-303). This will be tracked in +notes.


"...few Garou dare the Dark Umbra. ... The restless dead that haunt the living - and us - are just the tip of the iceberg. Ghosts are like cockroaches. For every one you see, there's at least a dozen more you don't. That many ghosts don't get together without someone trying to be in charge. So you get entire kingdoms of dead people. Kingdoms with armies. Don't think just because you're some big bad Garou you can walk in and start throwing your weight around. They'll dog pile your ass and beat you down." (Silent Striders 51-52)

"Most mages never venture into the Low Umbra, and few of those who do return to tell about it." (Beyond the Barriers: The Book of Worlds 12)

"Finding one's way through anything but the Low Penumbra is nigh impossible at best. In the unlikely event a living mage finds herself in the Afterworlds, it is best remembered that those who journey down among the dead in the time after the Reckoning are almost always fated to remain there." (The Infinite Tapestry 26)

In short, a non-wraith entering the Shadowlands is a Big Deal. Surviving it is possible, but anyone claiming it's easy is simply wrong.

Targeting wraiths

Powers targeting a specific wraith (e.g. Sepulchre Path 2) do so normally. Powers that merely target a type of wraith, only target a PC if the wraith and summoner OOCly agree to let it happen.

'Killing' a wraith (Corpus reduced to zero) with aggravated damage triggers a Destruction Harrowing. (Wraith20 244, 293; takes precedence over other game lines)

Mages: Spirit 3 Entropy 3 attacks do aggravated damage. Otherwise, the mage can only attack the wraith if they're on the same plane of existence. (MtA 282)

Sorcerers: Summoning/Binding/Warding 'ghosts' refers to wraiths/spectres.

Warding using Willpower (WtO 287-288):

  • Apparently omitted in Wraith20, staff discussion is ongoing
  • Requires Occult 3 and Lore Wraith 3
  • Forbiddance is a simple action (occurs within a single turn), Warding takes 15 minutes