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House Rules
Sorcerer / Psychic

"You can't process me with a normal brain."

-Charlie Sheen

Aspects (only applies to sorcery)

  • 1 success lets you reach each aspect at the 1-dot level.
    • Exception: Weather Control requires 4 successes to reach each aspect (intensity, speed, duration, scale) at the 1-dot level.
  • Each additional success lets you reach 1 aspect at 1 dot higher.
  • You can't reach any aspect at a level higher than your dots in the path.
    • Exception: You can reach one aspect at one level higher than your path, but this requires twice as many successes as the same effect with that aspect equal to your path. Also, you cannot reach level 6 this way.


  • Blood Magic is a flaw, not a merit. (Obvious White Wolf edit fail.)
  • Clear Sighted merit (pre-Revised):
    • 3 dot version only works if the target consents (+policy hand waving).
    • 5 dot version can also be used if you have reason to be suspicious (+rules sniping). This is an active effort, so you can spend Willpower for an auto-success.
  • Path Natural merit: Round down, not up. (Compare Sphere Natural, MtA 297)
  • Path Inept merit: Round up, not down. (Compare Sphere Inept, MtA 300)
  • Twin Link merit: 6 dot version gives you Synergy 2 using up only 1 of your baseline dots, additional dots cost 3 freebies or 7 XP each. (Canon is 7 freebies / 3 XP but this is assumed to be a thinko)
  • Wild Talent merit/flaw: Psychic powers only, limit two per PC.


  • Sorcerer/psychic ghouls are allowed, but not straight out of chargen, and each numina is capped at (8 - Domitor background). See also '+rules multiclass'.
  • Techno-sorcerers may substitute Science or Technology for Occult in numina rolls. (generalized from Sorc Rev 60 "Rolls")
  • Lucid Dreaming and Dreamcraft are the same thing, and use the easier game mechanics from WoD: Sorcerer page 58.


  • Numina at 6: Subrace:Sorcerer-Psychic only. Only one numina per PC (you can have others at 5 or lower). Limited at staff discretion.
  • Anti-Psychic: May still purchase sorcery. Affects all non-psychic mental powers (e.g. Fascination, Dominate, but not Hellfire), limit +1 diff (same as Mind sphere).
  • Healing / Psychic Healing: Can target yourself as long as you're awake and not incapacitated, but wound penalties apply as usual.
  • Mana Manipulation 4 to store extra Mana: Immediately before meditation, cast MM4 to reset your cap to (Mana background + MM4 successes), replacing any previous casting.
  • Summon/Bind/Ward: Creating a Warding Circle requires S/B/W 3+, but only counts as aspect level 1.

Reduced difficulties and such

  • Difficulties are reduced to (3 + level of effect).
  • Time is reduced to 1 turn per 2 levels of effect.
    • Extended rolls (Sorc Rev 60): Each additional roll doubles total casting time. Can't exceed a single day.
    • Rituals usually take 10+ minutes (Sorc Rev 61); Alchemy and Enchantment are slower as in canon. Extending rituals is limited as specified below.
  • Spending Willpower is not required for sorcerer paths and quick casting.
  • Hanging effects only increase the difficulty of social/mental attributes when they're included in another magic effect's pool, not for mundane actions. (Psychic powers cannot be hung, but do become more difficult due to hanging effects when otherwise relevant.)


  • We don't do custom rituals, except for paths like Enchantment / Alchemy where that's the entire path.
  • Free starting rituals:
    • Cannot include counterspells or unweaving, only path rituals.
    • If a path doesn't have any rituals at a given level, then you can skip that level.
  • Fire's Weal (Hellfire 2 ritual): 2 successes is sufficient, each additional success = -1 difficulty.
  • Shape Mana (Mana Manipulation 3 ritual) with 5+ successes can convert one type of Ward or Warding Circle to another, provided the sorcerer has relevant Lore for both creature types greater than or equal to the ward levels.
    • Example: Ward vs Simple Spirit (level 1 S/B/W ritual) to Ward vs Ghosts (level 2 S/B/W ritual) requires Lore Spirit 1+ and Lore Wraith 2+
  • Extended rolls (Sorc Rev 60): Specifies "spells", thus rituals can't be extended unless the individual ritual explicitly says so.
    • Exception: Summon/Bind/Ward rituals can be extended.
  • Hanging effects (Sorc Rev 62) applies to both spells and rituals. (It doesn't consistently mention rituals, but e.g. Get Me The Heck Outta Here! on page 69 is a ritual that says it's often hung.)

Sorcerers vs. psychics

  • We consider sorcerers and psychics to be the same thing.
    • Sorcerers may purchase psychic powers.
    • Psychics may purchase sorcerer powers.
    • Mana may not be spent to lower the difficulty of psychic powers.
    • House rule: Possessed may purchase numina, but may not spend Mana or any other pool else to lower its difficulty.
    • Others with sorcery (Bastet, Kitsune, dhampyrs, dhampirs, 14th or weaker Caitiff) may not purchase psychic powers, and may not spend Mana or Gnosis or any other pool to lower the difficulty of sorcery.