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House Rules

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

-Jonathan Swift

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If a Kuei-jin's Dharma rating is equal to or higher than a given Kindred's (or Ghoul's, or Risen's) level of Obfuscate, AND they currently have Heightened Senses active, they automatically see through it. Note that this depends on how much Obfuscate the Kindred or Ghoul actually HAS, not which rank they're actively USING. Additionally, if a Kuei-jin is using a power that temporarily grants them Lifesight (do take the Sniping rules into account for this), see the entry for Wraiths and Risen further down on this page.








As Obfuscate is a mind-influencing 'do not notice me' kind of power rather than literal invisibility, the Mind-Shields numina applies: any successes on the Mind-Shields roll cancel out successes on the roll for whatever Obfuscate power was being used, as far as the Sorcerer-Psychic themselves is concerned. Mind-Shields being automatic as it is, this is not considered 'sniping' on their part. It's not like they can really opt not to use it.



Wraiths & Risen

Trying to use Obfuscate to hide from the eyes of the Dead generally doesn't work very well, for one reason: Lifesight isn't affected by it. As Wraiths and Risen cannot opt to turn their Lifesight off, any user of Obfuscate that happens to be within a Wraith's (or Risen's) field of vision will still have their aura clearly visible to them at all times. Rolls will still need to be made to get more details beyond 'there is an aura there', but not to merely be able to see that it's there. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, this generally applies to other invisibility-type powers used by other supernaturals as well, unless for some strange reason they don't have auras at all. (But the last time I checked, most purely inanimate objects weren't capable of using supernatural powers to turn themselves invisible.)