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House Rules - Kuei-jin

"All warfare is based on deception."

-Sun Tzu

Dharma Rating

  • Requires time ('+rules minimum time') and XP (current*4) in addition to Auspicious Occasion rolls (KotE 52-53)
  • Capped at 5 (KotE page 13 compares 6+ to 7th/lower generation)
  • Rites with higher level than your Dharma Rating are +1 diff (KotE 126)


  • Obligation 5, Soul Shackles (KotE 126): For Spirit Bond, "unmodified Hun" just means "without adding an ability". Other modifiers to Hun value and/or difficulty apply normally.

Martial Arts

"Martial Arts (hard style)" and "Martial Arts (soft style)" are available to all races.

  • In lieu of higher cost, you must have Brawl at equal/higher level.
  • You may learn both styles.
  • For more information, see the Advanced Combat page.


Works like Totem, see '+rules nushi'

Wyrm Taint

"Kuei-jin usually detect as Wyrm-tainted to the senses of the Lupines - but not always. In particular, the Thrashing Dragon Dharma often seems to radiate Wyld energy, and the Resplendent Crane Dharma Weaver energy. However, almost all Kuei-jin (except those of great enlightenment - Dharma 7+) have at least a subtle hint of Wyrm taint. Naturally, this can be accelerated by the actions of the Kuei-Jin in question - a Cathayan who indulges in flesh eating very likely smacks of the stench of the Defiler." (KotE Companion page 125)