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  • Set Horrors equal to their tier. This is their level for things like Awareness checks.
  • Each second-tier Horror has the corresponding first-tier Horror as a prerequisite, and similar for higher tiers.
  • Fourth-tier horrors are restricted to the shade listed.
Shade 1st tier 2nd tier 3rd tier 4th tier Prohibited
Banshee Wail Forebode "Pandemonium (Orpheus)" Screaming Nothing Poltergeist horrors
Haunter "Inhabit (Orpheus)" Witch's Nimbus Broadband Ghost Hell on Wheels Banshee horrors
Marrow Flesh-Flux "Familiar (Orpheus)" Legion Born Nightmarish Gestalt Phantasm Horrors
Phantasm Bedlam Sandman Dream-Walker Draw Forth Haunter horrors
Poltergeist Helter Skelter Congeal Anathema Rend and Rake Wisp horrors
Skinrider "Puppetry (Orpheus)" Juggernaut "Contaminate (Orpheus)" "Doppelganger (Orpheus)" Marrow Horrors
Wisp Unearthly Repose Storm-Wending Beckon Relic Consume Skinrider horrors
  • Shades of Gray 98 has Wail and Forebode swapped, but this is assumed to be a typo