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Full Name: Haven Thomas
Apparent Age: Twenties
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Architect
Occupation: Neonatal Nurse
Subrace: Kinfolk
Tribe: Stargazer
Race: Mortal+

RP Hooks
  • Falconry:
    xxxxx Haven flies a falcon for hunting and other things.
  • Gaian:
    xxxxx PB3 Stargaze Kinfolk.
  • Kid:
    xxxxx Yeah, she's got one of these. Five year old Hazel who her mom calls Hazelsaurus.
  • Mate:
    xxxxx Zayne, a Stargazer from Nevada, was her mate. He was killed in raid when Hazel was two.
  • Nurse:
    xxxxx Medicine and babies. For Haven they go hand in hand. A registered nurse, she's seen her share of trauma work as well.

    • The pain seems unending and the trauma ascending.
    • States of mind tangled like wires, and all hope and faith expires.
    • When tragedy strikes the unassuming, and suddenly your surroundings are melancholy and glooming.
    • To the hospital is where you'll go to get your treatment and then they'll all know what happened to you.
    • Oh what a pity, it'll never be the same, this once loved city.
    • Nowhere to turn except for your nurse, bad thoughts roam your mind, yet you're not in a hearse.
    • Victims of blistering burns, cutting, and sin turn to gentler hands upon damaged skin.

    Silly Quirks
  • Late:
    xxxxx Gaia help her, she's never on time for anything. She tries. Oh, how she tries.
  • Children:
    xxxxx She's overly protective of kids of all ages.
  • Frozen:
    xxxxx She is always cold. Seriously. Always.
  • Forthright:
    xxxxx Generally this is a good thing. Sometimes it's far too on point or blunt. This makes friends. And breaks friendships.
  • Puns:
    xxxxx They're pun-ishingly bad!

  • Gallery

    HAVEN2.jpg HAVEN1.webp HAVEN3.jpg HAVENICON.jpg

  • Slayer of Bulls - There is a history.
  • Theme Music - I shouldn't want to open the box, but I do!

  • Logs
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