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Griffin A. Zane

Answers are easy. It's asking the right questions which is hard.

-The 4th Doctor

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Changeling You're talking about Leprechauns and Pixies? Is that a thing?
Demon I've heard about them, but haven't run into one. I'll take that as a good thing.


What's that saying about the way power corrupts? Oh yeah, power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Vampire Between the politicking, the hubris and the blood curse, I'm not sure how much goodness can survive. But few chose their immortality, they've just been left to live it.
Werewolf They fight against corruption and chaos, so that's a plus. But sometimes they fight just to fight.
Wraith Caught between this world and the next, not truly a part of either. Thankful every day I dodged the bullet on this one.
Mummy Myths spawned by fantasies of Tut's tomb and old Christopher Lee movies. Do yourself a favor and pass on the latest one with Tom Cruise.
BygonelBygone Dragons and unicorns? Maybe a long time ago... But then, I've seen a lot crazier, so... who knows?
Mortal "There's no such thing as an ordinary human." - The 10th Doctor

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Having just recently moved to Prospect, Griffin does not have many contacts established yet.

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Griffin Ambrose Zane

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Full Name: Griffin Ambrose Zane
Nationality: American
Occupation: Lawyer / Investigator
Apparent Age: Late 30's
Birthdate: April 14, 19-somewhere around 30-40 years ago, apparently.
Criminal Record: None Seriously. None. Move along.
Education: MBA: Cornell. JD/MPH: Georgetown.

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RP Hooks
- Medical Lawyer: Griffin is a licensed member of the Bar and has previously held a lucrative practice dealing with malpractice suits. Yes, he was an ambulance chaser.

- Private Investigator: Since recently locating to Prospect, Griffin has begun a new career as a P.I. - with a soft spot for the 'little guy'.

- Missing Person: Griffin left his previous law practice (and his entire life really) in Sacramento without notice or forwarding address. He hasn't gotten around to tying up loose ends there, either, though it's been a few months. Bill collectors and other sorts might still be trying to track him down.

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Played By: Aidan Turner