Gregor Al-Fals

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Gregor Al-Fals

"Is that right..."

Height/Weight: ~ 180 cm / 70 kg.
Hair Color: Black with some graying
Race: Human
Demeanor: Pedagogue
Mannerisms Seemingly aloof
Languages English, Mayan
Risk Level 1 (novice in MUDs)


Black, frizzy hair slightly reveals a round, warm face. Brown hazel eyes behind rimmed glasses greet you with a smile. His skin looks healthy, a bit on the tanned side. He is bookish, yes, the slender type. If you could hazard a guess, you'd say early thirties. No, those crows eyes and black circles under his eyes would probably place him in late thirties.


Gregor moved to the City of Hope in 2017 after getting a job as an adjunct lecturer for biology at UC Prospect. He is a passionate teacher on the job but bored sick of it. His peers find him likable but he refuses to socialise with his peers in the evenings citing some kind of European code about separating his work and life. In reality, he uses his evenings to do further research (he has more books than shelf space). Inspired by his friends Kaitlyn and Damien, he recently decided to moonlight as a detective for supernatural phenomena.


Gregor's family background is half Arabic/British (a great-grandfather, who was a famous archaeologist in the victorian times, migrated to the USA after getting a Professorship at Princeton) and half-russian (his grandparents fled to the USA just before the October Revolution). His family, far from wealthy now, they have been part of an intellectual class since WW2.

Gregor is not exactly the favourite son: he has struggled to show the concrete achievements his family expected of him. Even as a young adult, he shunned assistance from them, trying to make it on his own. Initially, he showed great academic promise and even won a PhD scholarship to pursue his passion in tropical biology. Sadly, that changed when he reached his mid-twenties and his behaviour started to become rather erratic. Eventually, having spent a bit too much time in the Guatemalan jungles, his funding dried up and he was forced to drop out of the PhD program. Shunned by his peers and family alike, he did some odd jobs tutoring until he got an offer to teach at UC Prospect.

  • Even though their relationship is strained, he is still keeps in touch with his advisor, Prof Isabella Rodriguez (Duke University), who mentored him through his academic pursuits.
  • He has formed a close, non-amorous, relationship with Kaitlyn Black, a forensic policewoman from the local force. They first met in their genetics undergraduate class and Kaitlyn was the one who encouraged Gregor to apply for the UC Prospect job. After they hanging out together again, Gregor started to daydream about being a detective. Soon enough, he tried to actualize this.
  • Damien is a burly man. Not the brightest but he has a keen eye for the out of the ordinary. He is a local private eye that knows the true essence of Gregor (he is the only one apart from his mentor). Having met in one of Gregor's initial dabblings as a detective, they at times help each other with manpower when in need. He is a normal human with very limited knowledge of the supernatural.
  • Jeremy is a youngish local bookshop owner who has taken a shine on Gregor, unrequited love style. Sadly for Jeremy, Gregor is not interested but that doesn't stop Jeremy from helping Gregor out when he is in search of something out of the ordinary. Unknown to Gregor, Jeremy is a Changeling of minor notability.

He doesn't know much about the supernatural society but he knows they exist and he has read about willworkers. He is wondering if his own powers are somehow linked to them.

RP Hooks
  • We meet at the neighborhood (Glenhurst)
  • An encounter at the Uni (class or library)
  • We hangout at the same bookstores
  • You are looking for an expert in tropical biology
  • You are looking for someone who can speak Mayan
  • You need a detective for something out of the ordinary