Gavin McDonald

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Gavin McDonald1.jpg
Gavin McDonald
Information Hooks
Name: Gavin McDonald
Apparent Age: Mid Thirties
Race: Garou
Hair Color: Sandy Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: just over 6+ feet

Gavin McDonald/Hooks
— The man you see before you is tall, at just over 6+ feet and has a piercing green eyed gaze that seems to look into your very soul. His hair is a sandy brown color that's mostly hidden under his real life Stetson and he looks much older than his true age due to the weathering and wind chapping of his skin. He wears a simple blue button up shirt and a pair of Levi jeans that are weathered and dusty from years of wandering all over Texas before coming here. On his feet he wears a much loved pair of cowboy boots that have been repaired many many times over the years.