Garou Lore

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This is a basic run down for what the levels of Lore Garou do. This is unofficial, but still a pretty good guide.

Garou Lore

Garou Lore 1

  • Basic understanding of the necessities (Gnosis) and the banes (Silver) of a Garou's existence
  • Power comes from Gnosis and depends on Rank
  • Elders are given Submission due to their Rank as they have earned it
  • Rough knowledge of those Tribes they most commonly encounter;
  • Know many common Garou specific terms.
  • Have basic knowledge of the Litany

Garou Lore 2

  • Can give short descriptions (equal to the descriptions in Laws of the Wyld) for the Tribes .
  • Has heard of the Silver Record and what it is
  • Has Knowledge of the Litany and what each tenant means.
  • May have heard vague rumors about something called the Apocalypse
  • Has heard rumors of the War of Rage

Garou Lore 3

  • Has a basic understanding of the Gifts of the Tribes listed in Laws of the Wyld.
  • Can identify which Tribes naturally possess these Gifts
  • Has a rough knowledge of major events in Garou History,
  • Can recognize names of many major Garou currently active and make a guess as to what Sept they live in;
  • Knows many of the old terms and their meanings;
  • Can name a couple of the Legendary Garou;
  • Knows a couple Stories from the Silver Record

Garou Lore 4

  • Knowledge of a few of the Elder Gifts --think general description not detailed write-ups.
  • Knows a lot of the stories from the Silver record.
  • Knows the names and stories of the Legendary Garou
  • Knows much of Garou History
  • Knows some things about the three fallen Tribes

Garou Lore 5

  • Detailed knowledge of Garou history
  • Knows the Silver Record by Heart
  • Knows the details of the three fallen Tribes
  • Detailed Knowledge of the Apocalypse and can see the signs in day to day life and Garou Politics