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The Details

New Orleans charm, manners, and a desire to help.

  • Sphere: Mortal
  • Apparent Age: Early Thirties
  • Occupation: Financial Investigator


  • New Orleans: He was born and raised in New Orleans, possessing a fraction of that Southern charm and good manners. There's nothing like Southern Hospitality.
  • Work: A private investigator who specializes in forensic accounting. If there's a money trail, he'll find it and follow it. Need someone or something found?
  • Mortal: He is one hundred percent human. Just a regular mortal.
  • Helpful: Forbes is one of those guys who likes to help the little guy, the underdog. Back in New Orleans, half his clients paid him in food and hospitality. Do you need his help?
  • Beaumonte: He's related to the New Orleans' Beaumontes. Maybe you are or you know them? Maybe you're from there?