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Name: Eztlipoc
Birthdate: August 9, 1945
Apparent Age: Mid 40's?
Occupation: Vampire/Cult of Personality

Race: Bygone
Breed: Death Bat
Element: Earth
Nature/Demeanor: Predator/Monster


Golgotha Tenement Blues – Machines of Loving Grace
Bat Out of Hell - Meat Loaf
All Drums Go to Hell – TSFH
Blood Fire War Hate - Soulfly
Zombie Fucker – Madchild
Monster - Madchild
Blood for the Blood God
Lie, Cheat, Steal - Run the Jewels

I'll tea bag a piranha tank, heart barely beatin'...
I want you to consider what you're asking, Jacob. I write this letter to you because out of some familial honor that still resonates in my heart, down in my bones and beneath my bowels whenever I think of your name, brother. You must consider what you are asking me. It is not a simple task to get to El Zotz, but it is deadly to attempt anything remotely what you're suggesting. Consider it, brother. Consider what you're asking for: Five others to join you in ritual, in hopes of finding the mouth to Xibalba can you grasp the feat you are asking? It's dangerous. There are things about our world, brother, I do not think you can fully grasp and worse still, while I know you are not afraid, you should be. It is good to be afraid. Fear tells you when something is amiss, and Jacob, what you're asking is wrong. You must reconsider. Leave the House of Bats be, and come home, Jacob. They say the war will be over soon, and we should all celebrate. Please, leave the House of Bats be.

---Allen Porter - August 5th, 1945


A wild one who'll swim like directly after he's eaten...

Let Bygones be Bygones... - Eztlipoc is what you get when you get when an atomic bomb gives birth to a god. At least, in his own estimation. In truth, he's a Death Bat, and you can figure out what that means on your own time, but basically, he's the closest you're probably ever going to get to Lord Camazotz.
Blood for the Blood God... - The Lost boys wish they were as cool as Eztlipoc. He's more like their dad, with his awful body and weirdly patronizing demeanor. That is to say, he views himself as the sort of primordial vampire who doesn't need to bother with a driver's license or a human identity. Because when you're an immortal scion of the Blood God, why do you have to play games?
Under the Totem of the Bat... - "You reap what you sow." El Zotz. The House of Bats. Ever seen Dusk 'Till Dawn? Eztlipoc is that kind of vampire, and just as in myth, this one has urges to create rooted to his element: Earth. Be it deep in a new temple devoted to darkness, blood, sacrifice, death and all-night ragers? A cavern? Abandoned lots? Or ramshackle homes. The NuBreed need a home, and daddy will provide.
Walmart-brand Shapeshifter... - Eztlipoc was born a monster, but not in the traditional sense. He isn't Gaian, and he isn't part of the cool-kids club because he doesn't have an auspice or a tribe, or any of that fruity shit. He's just a monster that can turn into a man and then into a bat. As Lord Camazotz intended.
Twister that Titty...: - We can't all afford a run down booby bar in rural Mexico in which to trap tourists and drain them of fluids. That's for rich people, and Eztlipoc isn't bougie. Instead, he makes due by...creating cults. Sort of. Does it count if you kidnap a bunch of people and make them play ancient Aztec basketball to decide who gets murdered and who gets eaten?


The Usual Suspects






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