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Her favorite place is and always will remain, The Faroe Islands, in Denmark, though it has been three years since was there last. This is her mother's home, and where her heart is trapped. For as long as she could remember, she has dreamed about the mist covered mountains, the silvery blue ocean and cold, crisp North Atlantic air. Even now, when she closes her eyes, she can taste and smell the sharp, salty air and hear the sound of the waves splashing against the rocky shore. Being there was always the best times. It was her second home and there, even though their cliff side home was a £2.2 million mansion, it didn't matter if she were rich or poor. All that mattered was the family she loved and who loved her, and the endless days of exploring along the rocky beach for seashells and other treasures. She was always sad when they had to go back to London in August. It always felt like she was leaving her heart behind...

"He just vanished. Not just from my life, but from the Earth too, it seemed. He wasn't at the house his family rented for the summer and they were upset and confused, too. He was simply gone. For days the the small police force searched for him, for clues. He was officially labelled a missing person. Not a trace was found. Well, not at first. Then, about a week later, a bag of blood stained clothing was found near the harbor in Tórshavn. Nothing else. Just bloody clothes. The police said, though that there had been so much so blood, it literally soaked every stitch, as though the fabric itself was made of pools of blood, left to dry and then molded and shaped into clothing. The police said that no one could have survive having lost that amount of blood. The police was -his- blood. -His- DNA. The police said he was dead. The police said they were now changing the case from a missing person's investigation to a murder investigation. The police said they were changing a search and rescue operation to a recovery operation. The police said they were going to recover his body. The police said he was dead...That he was dead.....Dead... I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't. It couldn't be true. He was still alive. Somewhere. He would come back."

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RP Hooks
  • Need something or someone investigated? Have a mystery needing solving? Erika is a P.I. Her company is called EEK! Investigations. If your case is interesting enough to her, she just might take it on.
  • Are you from Europe? She is! In fact, she has duel British and Danish citizenship.

  • Are you a son or daughter of a celebrity? Both of Erika's parents are famous. Her father is Basil King, the world renowned celebrity chef and the owner of the Michelin five star restaurant 'Silver'. It's flagship restaurant is located in the Chelsea area of London. The others are in Paris, New York and Los Angeles. Her father even had his own competition style cooking show on Food Network. Her mother is Henriette Eriksen king, is a famous Danish artist. She owns a posh, trendy art gallery, named 'Faroe' in London's Mayfair area. She is originally from The Faroe Islands in Denmark.

  • Erika is the third child. She has two older siblings and two younger. At least one of her siblings is one of the Rich Kids Of IG. If you're another RKOIG, you probably know her sibling!
  • Are you a fellow polyglot? She speaks both English and Danish fluently. She also speaks French, Swedish and Norse. She might even teach you a bit, if you ask nicely.

  • Are you into perfumery? Scented candles? Make wax melts? If so, she wants to be your customer! She has an Acute Sense Of Smell and always has. She is extremely scent sensitive.
  • Erika is a Rebel. She enjoys having a good time, just like her siblings do, but instead of hobnobbing with Royals or partying on a yacht off the coat of Greece, she prefers rock concerts, clubs without a guest list and bucking the system. Let's party together!
  • Any Bournemouth alum around these parts? Instead of following in her older siblings' footsteps and attending Uni at Oxford or Cambridge, she went her own way and chose a -much less prestigious- Uni. She chose to attend Bournemouth University, where she studied Multimedia Journalism. She ended up dropping out right before Year 4, though, for personal reasons.
  • Are you into conspiracy theories? After the love of her life of her life was declared dead (without a body, btw), she handled her grief the best way she knew how. By going off the deep end for a wee bit and axing all her social media accounts except YT, where she follows both infamous and obscure conspiracy theorists.

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Erika King

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Full Name Erika Elisabet King
Race Mortal
Occupation Private Investigator and Owner of EEK! Investigations
Birthdate May 1,1996
Age 24
Height 5'3
Weight 115
Eye Colour Vivid Turquoise
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Heritage British and Danish
Demeanor Rebel
Nature (Classified)
Fame Daughter Of a British Celebrity Chef and a Famous Danish Artist
Played By Natalie Imbruglia
Theme Song Lucky~Bif Naked

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